Staying One Step Ahead

Staying one step ahead is one of my motto’s which I have kept throughout my life and I’ve applied to different aspects to make things work.  And most of the time it does! so , I thought I’d share with you a bit more information about how I do this and what you can do to help build structure and discipline within your life.

The Basics

Ok so here’s the basics of what you need to know about staying one step ahead in life and keeping things organised. Organisation is key! organisation is probably one of my biggest bug bears and something I strive to improve whenever I can. I wasn’t always organised and this had an impact on my grades at high school as well as overall tidiness of my home. So one of the first steps I took to change this after a few years was looking for advice online about organisational skills. As most of you will know , the internet is a gold mine of valuable information although there is always misinformation and spam as well.

Anyway , I found a blog which detailed things to do to help you improve overall organisational skills overall. One of its suggestions was to write down a daily planner of things you need to do and categorise them by priority e.g priority 1 , 2 ,3. I found this to be pretty helpful! as well as this setting small incentives for completing tasks was also a good technique that helped me to ensure I did tasks on time. Even the most basic things like making your bed in the morning or cleaning your room can do wonders for your organisation.  I read somewhere studies have shown that there is link between mental health and how tidy your room is or can be.

The blog I read actually partly influenced me to make the very one you are reading today! awesome right?! moving onto staying ahead another crucial task you can undertake is planing ahead. Planning ahead is something many of us do on a daily basis without even realising it. However there is always extra planning that you can do to ensure that whatever you do runs smoothly.

Staying Productive

Staying productive is something I find really important in day to day life. But of course we’re all entitled to holidays and the odd lazy day in to unwind from work and life in general. A good way I find I can be productive is writing down a goal or challenge I want to set myself and then begin working towards it. That all being said you can’t beat coffee to help start up the engine and make the cogs turn in the brain.


My Findings

So although this a short venture into the different methods I use to keep myself at the top of my game I hope you all find this helpful and useful. Productivity , organisation and self discipline all have parts to play in everyday life and affect each other in different ways.