Growing Your Social Media And Marketing Presence – Instagram Bot

Instagram bot

Social media and marketing is so valuable within the day and age we live in. From large multi national businesses to influencers  and just the average person. One of the biggest breakthroughs in recent memory has been the development and release of the Instagram bot. In this article ill talk you through its benefits and why it is so popular as well as looking at how and why social media and marketing are becoming increasingly interconnected on the internet.

Instagram bot


What Is Instagram Bot And How Does It Work?

The Instagram bot is a programme which is operated by a computer and can perform many different functions on Instagram. One of the main and most popular functions of the Instagram bot is auto following. Essentially what the bot does is automatically follows different accounts. This encourages people to follow you back and in turn can progressively grow and build up your social media features. But that’s not all! the bot also can be configured to auto like posts in order to raise awareness about your profile. This is another great way in which your social media presence can be built up. Typically the bot can be setup to manage one profile and as well as the aforementioned features posts can also be scheduled to be posted at different intervals so that you can maintain and update social media presence while offline. The bot keeps running in the background.

Instagram bot

Who Would You Recommend The Bot To?

So the bot could really suit a wide range of uses for different people. There are different levels of packages available as well meaning that more advanced features can be unlocked and more storage can be used as well as multiple accounts. For self employed people Instagram bot is a brilliant way in which to generate more awareness for your business as well as improve your social media presence overall. What’s great about the bot as well is the fact that you could have one set account for personal social media , another for business work etc and have the ability to switch between them with ease.

As for businesses it could prove ideal as increasingly more and more people are moving onto Instagram to start their own profile and blog/post photos. Some accounts have tens of millions of followers often based around different niches. This means that businesses using an Instagram could potentially promote themselves to thousands of accounts increasing overall leads and traffic to the business.

instagram bot

Importance Of Social Media In Marketing

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that social media almost always has a part to play in marketing overall. One of the most effective platforms for marketing is Facebook. Facebook is used by over a quarter of the worlds population and is populated by millions of pages and billions of profiles.  Viral social media campaigns have played a big part in this alongside a combination of new and old marketing techniques. Overall it can be concluded that social media as well as digital marketing are both playing increasingly important roles in the marketing sector as a whole.