May 2013 Net Worth

If you are interested in seeing how I have progressed since last month, check out my April Net Worth update.

May is here! Next week I turn 23! Pretty daunting and scary. I’m one year closer to 30, and I’m not sure if I like that fact. My 22nd year in life went pretty quickly. A couple of days back, I started thinking about all my professional goals, and realized I will be with my company for a year in June. I told myself I would need to start hustling after one year. Deadline is almost here. So far, I have learned a lot, and feel a lot more confident! Yay for experience!

Last month, we paid off our car loan. It’s been pretty nice not having a loan over our heads, and a car payment. Our minimum car payment was only $150, but I was paying off the car loan early, and added another $250 to the payment, every month.

Savings: $36,500. We are +$3,000. We met our savings goal for the month. We are really close to reaching the $50,000 mark, at which point we can start searching for a house. Only 4.5 more months to go! 4.5 mo. x $3,000 = $13500. We should hit our goal in September.

Checking: $500. We paid off the credit card bills, and other expenses.

401K: $12,039. This increased by +$1,694. The markets are going up and up and away!

ROTH IRA #1: $3,436. This increased by +$87. The markets are hot and heavy.

ESPP: $1,200. My ESPP only increases once every quarter. Money is withdrawn from every paycheck, and then held by the company until the end of the quarter when it is automatically invested.

Discover Credit Card: -$813.33. I paid off last month’s billing statement. We are on good on this one. Amount is recurring transactions.

CoAmerica Credit Card: -$219. I just paid off last billing’s statement. Next payment in next month. Only car and renter’s insurance goes on here.

A total increase of $4,781! This is hard to believe!!!!