Psych: I decreased our Discover Credit Card Bill

Our Discover Card Credit bill’s statement balance in the past couple of months:

Jan 20, 2013 – February 19, 2013: $2,110.73

February 20, 2013 – March 19, 2013: $1,686.30

March 20, 2013 – April 19, 2013: $1,531.33

Bam! Did you see that decrease?

At the beginning of the 2013, I set out to decrease our bills. Most of our purchases go on our Discover Credit Card, and we only charge car and renter’s insurance on our other credit card ($220).

I, honestly, feel bad knowing we were spending over $3,000 a month on expenses, once you included rent, plus car payment, and any other expenses we paid with cash.

So, how did I cut $500 of expenses from our budget:

Stop eating out – I am ashamed to report the amount of money we were spending on eating out. It probably came to $20-$30 a day. Gasp!!!
Eat At Home – Cook lunches and dinner. We are now eating healthier, and the food is even pretty yummy. 🙂 I actually am disappointed when I eat out because it makes me feel terrible afterwards. I still love me some Pei Wei.
Cut cable – We never watch cable because we are just too busy. I get all my shows on Netflix and Hulu, and my husband now gets baseball from Cable is not really a necessity anymore when you can find shows online for much cheaper. Our Netflix and Hulu monthly subscriptions add up to less than $20 per month. Savings $60 per month.
Decrease our insurance bill – I took a defensive driving course that will decrease our monthly insurance cost by $10 over the next three years. Initial investment $25 for a course through I Drive Safely. I still need to negotiate better rates with my insurance company. I keep saying I will compare rates, but I still haven’t done it.
Pay off debt- We paid off our car loan when we received our tax refund this year, which means we don’t have a car payment anymore.
So, there it is! Five simple ways to decrease your monthly expenses. My ideal budget is to spend $2,500 a month. Is it doable? I can try. Right now, our fixed expenses are below:

– Rent + water = $920 ( I can’t really decrease this amount. I kind of wished now we would have shopped for a lower monthly rent. Oh wait, we did, but I decided I wanted this apartment and location.)

– Car Insurance = $210 ( Greatest possibility for decrease! If I could negotiate a lower rate….if I could even save $50 a month, it would be $50 bucks more a month I could have for discretionary spending.)

– Electricity – $60 (This is the average, but it can be lower or higher)

– Internet – $50 (Stuck with U-Verse. I cannot have any other internet provider in my apartment).

– Braces – $126 (This will be an expense until the end of 2014).

– THE REST…Food, gasoline, fun, miscellaneous expenses. $1,134 left. This should be more than enough. Let’s see if we can make the next Discover bill less than the one before.

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