Life is too short

If you don’t know, I babysat on and off again for a family over the past 8 months. I found out yesterday the boy I cared for died. He was seven years old, such a sweet, innocent, happy kid.

I’m still in shock. Honestly, I go from almost crying in front of my office monitor to not quite believing it’s true. It can’t be true right? Such an innocent creature on this earth who was suppose to live, go to school, go to college, is gone.

It’s sad. I just saw him a month ago. I felt like I could have spent more time with him.

I think we often rush in life, forget to smell the roses. I know I often do. I obsess over our financial goals or my career goals, but that’s not the important part of life. It’s always about the people.

Remember to tell your loved ones you love them. Fight for your loved ones; don’t forget they are more important than any materialistic objects on this earth.