Is It Time To Move On?

Today I have a guest post from a lovely young lady. Jessica is a 23 year old, single mom, trying to survive SUCCEED in the BIG APPLE, NYC with her young son. She enjoys personal finance, humor, decor, cooking, and dancing. Thank you Jessica for sharing your story today.

Many eons ago when I was still a college student…

I always thought when I graduated I would land my dream job and boom that would be it. Looking back I often wonder what I was thinking and whether my expectations were every realistic. I received my Business Associate’s Degree, hoping I would get a job and climb the corporate ladder. Two jobs later, I’m wondering where this corporate ladder is hiding?

I was so excited when I first started my job as a Client Service Associate in a Private Wealth Management Firm. I was thrilled to finally be using my problem solving and communication skills to help our clients with a variety of financial needs in a fast paced environment. Fast forward one year, I answer and transfer calls, make copies, file, cover anyone who is out that day. I, ultimately, dread going into work every morning. I need excitement, a legitimate position; not to be a floater covering everyone’s position when they are out. There is no room for growth in this company and my pay will not increase without some divine intervention. Lastly the atmosphere in this place is so gray and dismal, I hear at least one person daily who hopes to quit. I really believe it is time to move on.

When do you know it’s time to move on?

I sit here and I am not quite sure the financial sector is what I thought it was, or maybe the fact that this company has no room for growth and that the same positions are always available and rotated—Client Service Associate. I am sure that I am not alone in this private battle when your “honeymoon” state at a new job is over and you really realize what you got yourself into. There are obviously two choices: stay here and make the best of my position or move on and find something that I believe will be a better fit.

Things to consider when you’re undecided about your current position:

Happiness: you spend 40 or more hours at your job! If you’re not happy, remember it’s your life your wasting!
Compensation: Let’s face it if you’re not getting paid what you should be, the quickest way to make more is to find a job that pays more!.
Career Advancement: If you’re in an entry level position, it should be just that entry level. There should be other levels above yours to move into, if there aren’t and you want to move up in this world… start searching.
Benefits/Commute ETC: these are really important; benefits are expensive and if you find a company that offers better ones—RUN. Commuting is not always fun and also dips into your budget consider how much you actually spend in this money AND time wise.
You can trust I will be evaluating all of this as I venture onto my next big move. I have applied to continue my education this fall and get my Bachelor’s degree. Hopefully with my Bachelor’s, I will be able to get better job that offers career advancement. In the end, I strongly believe that you hold the key to your destiny and that you should always value your time and what you do with it!

Savvy Financial Latina speaking now 🙂 My two cents: Everyone starts at an entry level job. It does take some time and effort to get out of that entry level job. But Jessica is right. If you don’t see advancement within your company, then it’s time to move on. Maybe keep your job while you study in the evenings. Your work experience will, also, help you land your next job. Believe me! You need it on your resume. However, small you think your contribution, it is work experience. Focus on the positive side of the job training, and use it to land your next job.

What would you do? Would you stay or move on?