Venturing Into Ecommerce

As many of you will know well I strongly value having a side hustle and feel its important to have another form of income alongside my primary form of employment. Recently I started selling stuff online and its actually been a pretty fun and educational experience! So here’s my experience of what venturing into Ecommerce is really like and what you might need to expect when you decide to try this yourself.

What Is Ecommerce And How Did I Get Involved?

Put simply , ecommerce is the process of online buying and selling. This is something millions of us across the world do across the world do every day without really giving it a second thought. With the popularity of Amazon and Ebay growing on a day by day basis i thought i’d try my hand at selling stuff online. One of the main reasons why I chose to get directly involved in online selling is hearing about friends who have done the same thing. Some friends who have done this have made a fair amount of money without having to do much! they sold some clothes and old electronics and ending up making a fairly decent some of money.  After speaking with a few of my friends I decided to give it a shot.

What Does Ecommerce Involve?

Ecommerce involves forethought as well as a fair amount of time and resources to really get you started in online selling. Something I found really useful was watching a couple of guides and tutorials on you tube about selling online and what is involved in the process overall from a selling point of view. One of the main and biggest points I learnt about ecommerce is to never underestimate the amount of packaging materials you may need for your stock. Items need to be well packaged and wrapped to ensure that they are not damaged before they reach the customer.

Another important ingredient of ecommerce is research into the market. Doing research into the market you are selling is really important as it allows you to have a better idea of what prices to sell your items at overall. Often some items can sell for more than you may originally have thought due to their overall rarity or scarcity.

Mastering Ecommerce

After I built my online selling profile and listed a few items the next step for me was to master ecommerce. Mastering ecommerce isn’t necessarily easy but once you gain a hang of it this can really benefit you overall. When I started sellig stuff I found that the use of SEO can be really beneficial to the process overall. This meant doing simple things like making the item descriptions as detailed as possible , using keywords. Linking to related articles etc. Doing this can help your listings appear higher in the search results overall.

Ecommerce for me has had its ups and downs. Most important thing to do when doing ecommerce is sell a few items that you know you need rid of and build slowly from there. Don’t rush into buying stock to then sell on or you could end up with a house full of unsold goods!