Marketing Doesn’t Have to be Expensive With SEO Glasgow

If you have a business and need any form of marketing efforts for this year, we want to help.  Traditionally marketing has always been the bigger the budget, the wider the reach and the more effective the marketing campaign.  But in the last 10 years this way of doing things has been increasingly shifting towards more targeted efforts that have more of a specific approach towards audiences that actually want to see that type of content.  With SEO Glasgow, you can get the biggest ROI with a marketing strategy that is tailored for you.

SEO Glasgow

What Is SEO Glasgow?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and refers to the practice of giving a website the best possible chance of being selected by Google in response to search query.  Without it, your webpages and content would get lost amongst a sea of other websites all scrambling to get in front of web browsers.  SEO Glasgow is online marketing, but it is not a quick fix, it is generally a process that is undertaken over the course of a few months and is ideally rolled out for a year or more.  This ensures that the webpage can achieve its full ranking potential on a search engine like Google, and ideally achieve the coveted number one spot on Google for a search term.

SEO Glasgow

Google Advertising

It is widely accepted that the Google advertising platform essentially dominates the online marketing world.  With Google Ads, businesses can appear above the organic non-paid search returns for a specific search query.  For example, a search term such as ‘hair dressers Glasgow’ will return hundreds of results of hairdressers, and if any of these businesses has set up a Google Ad campaign, they will appear right at the top with a small ‘ad’ description next to it.  Everytime someone clicks on the ad, the business is charge for the click, hence the name pay per click or PPC.


Facebook Advertising

Since Facebook’s conception in 2010, it has grown exponentially to become the world’s biggest social media platform.  It uses paid ads like Google does, however it does it in a very different way.  Companies can target specific groups of people with specific interests and demographical metrics, so that the ads are shown to the most relevant groups possible.  Since Facebook is not about searching for things online, but more about browsing content, the ads actually show up in a person’s news feed and side bars if they meet the ads targeting criteria.

SEO Glasgow

Full Control of Spending

Facebook and Google Ads are similar in their approach, however they differ in execution and delivery of the ad.  The great thing that they both share however is that during the campaign process you are in full control of the ads spending amount.  You are also in control of other aspects of the campaign, for example the demographics, the location targeting, the interest targeting and more.  What makes this new way of reaching customers effective compared to traditional marketing is its ability to focus only on the types of people who will engage with the ad.