Maintaining A Property And Finances

In the hectic world we live in today , there is a lot people don’t tell you about the costs of everyday living and just how much time and energy even daily chores take after work. This can leave you feeling tired and drained after your 9-5. I’ve found that doing a range of activities outside of my work has helped me stay focused and in the loop.

Property Upkeep

So as many of you will know I recently completed the purchase of my house. It hasn’t been an easy journey but becoming a homeowner has easily been one of the best things that has happened to me. So when things came to property upkeep I was pretty much in the dark , I didn’t really know what to expect. Turns out it really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be! However , it is important that you follow a set of rules like I do to make sure that property upkeep doesn’t become a burden that is weighing you down all the time. Having good reliable work people to contact is easily number one on your priority list. I had an army of family friends who are tradespeople to help with the house and they have done an awesome job without breaking the bank. This is a huge bonus. Unfortunately in the property industry it can be easy to get ripped off so its all about having your wits about you and ensuring that you have reliable contacts that can do work on your property for a fair amount. One of the biggest issues I had to get fixed in my property was damp and mould because of excess levels of moisture. I didn’t know about this issue prior to purchasing the property and it proved to be a fairly expensive fix.

Therefore I would advise anyone that is moving into a new property to consider getting a property survey done on the property prior to the final purchase. This is similar to having a vehicle inspection done on a car as it gives you an idea of what might be wrong with the property and what could potentially become a problem in the next few years. Having this done can help to put your mind at ease and maybe even save you some heft bills in the long run.

Property Upkeep-Finances

As ive mentioned many times before on my blog, finances are central to many activities and essential in order to ensure that day to day life runs smoothly whether its paying your mobile phone bill or putting a down payment on a car each and every purchase we make is important. Same principle goes for home ownership. Managing your finances is crucial to ensure that you can keep on top of your property , not the other way round.  A good way in which you can manage this is by budgeting. Make sure you budget everything for your property so that way you can keep an a eye on your finances.