How to Know If You Have Passed a Pre-employment Drug Test

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It has become the policy of companies and governments to crack down on drug abusers by declaring pre-employment drug tests mandatory.

Have you applied for a job in a well-reputed company and provided your sample for the pre-employment drug test? No need to panic because pre-employment drug tests are becoming the norm and the criteria of selection for many of the top companies in the UK.

Companies can start a drive of testing in the workplace before and after hiring the employees. Some of the most effective alcohol and drug tests done in the UK were done randomly.

So if you wish to serve in your dream company, your report must be negative. Here is a short guide on drug test reports and understanding the results and implications.

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Home Testing Kits

Before stepping directly into the company’s drug-testing unit, you better confirm the presence of any illegal drug in your body and later be ready to take the test at work. Different home testing kits are available to detect alcohol and illicit drugs and are just as effective compared to tests at work. 

The kits are easy-to-use and wallet-friendly. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for too long. You just have to add the sample, which can be urine, blood, or saliva.

Then, you need to note if there is a single line on the strip or if two lines are present. The appearance of two lines indicates that you are positive for prohibited drug use. Similarly, a single line declares that you are in the safe zone.

Reading the Pre-employment Test Report

Testing in the workplace has reduced the number of drug addicts in multinational organisations. The assurance of a safe environment and the security of the company’s belonging is a critical issue.

Therefore, the screening test is necessary for the smooth sailing of the company. Now you may be wondering if you will pass the test or not? Don’t worry; the company will share the copy or report with you and keep one copy as a record in its files.

You can scan the results, as most companies check five items in the samples, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, opioid, PCP, and MDA. 

There is no value written in a positive report. Instead, there are just blocks in which the tick mark is present in front of the drug, indicating the drug’s presence in the sample.

A sample with no drug present will have empty blocks in front of names. A report with all blocks empty signifies that you have passed the test and are in the race to secure the seat.

What About False-Positive Results?

False-positive results are a point of concern as it is difficult for someone to understand who lacks the technical knowledge of laboratory testing. There may have been a handling error, or the person may be using prescribed drugs containing those chemicals.

Hence it is better to discuss with the person collecting samples if you are using any such medicated drugs. Sometimes, passive smoking may also impact such results.


Everyone dreams of securing a job in a top-rated company, but only a few get there. So, if you have a clean sheet with the drug testing report, then congratulations, you have cleared the initial phase; but still, have to pass many further tests!