Net Worth: April 2013

I have decided I am going to write monthly net worth updates. For some reason, I started to write them, but then completely lost track of them. So here is to another goal on my to do list.

March was a pretty great month. We paid off our car loan! This means we don’t have a $400 loan bill anymore! We are actually five months ahead of schedule. I had originally planned to pay it off in August 2013, but then decided we have the money right now, and it’s earning no interest in our savings account, so why haven’t I paid off this bugger??? I wrote the check for $2300 and send it off early to the bank. Yup, I didn’t even wait for the actual due date. I wanted the loan off our balance sheet. We are actually a debt free DINKS couple! 🙂

So here is a breakdown of our financial progress this month:

Savings: +$33,500 Our savings account grew a lot this month. We received our tax refund and my bonus at work. The typical $2,500 savings went to pay off the car loan. I cannot wait to get this to $50,000, at which point we will be ready to start house hunting.

Checking: +$2,043 Our checking account is pretty fat right now, considering it usually hovers around $400. Remember we use our Discover card for purchases. We still have to pay rent and one credit card bill.

401K: +$10,345 I keep investing on a bi weekly basis to various Vanguard mutual funds.

ROTH IRA #1: +$3,349. The market continues to go up. I invested $3,000 last year.

Discover Credit Card: -$867 I already paid off $1,383 off. Only $300 left of our last month’s balance of $1,683. I will take care of this in the next two weeks before the due date. We pay off our credit cards every month.

Coamerica Credit Card: -$478.02. This credit card is used for our State Farm car insurance bill. $260 will be paid off this week.

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On another note, my husband is going crazy over his Xbox 360 4GB Console
new Xbox video game. He bought Borderlands 2 this week and is playing it with all his friends!