How a house is impeding me from becoming a BUM

It’s a new year! Woot. Maybe. Usually every year, I start off with a list of resolutions and goals I want to accomplish. This list keeps me on track, especially since I break it up into 6 month goal chunks.

In college, goals we’re usually oriented towards achieving a specific GPA, accomplishing x hours of volunteer work, applying to x amount of scholarships. I’m a planner. Gosh, by now I would usually figure out what I accomplished in 2013.

I’m a little more hesitant to write my goals this year. Most likely because I’m not sure what I want to accomplish. Sure, there will be financial goals, but this blog is about balancing life, career, and finance. I don’t just think about money every single second of my waking life.

I’m, also, a tad afraid of the path I’m taking. It feels so strange being an adult, paying utilities, taxes, healthcare, etc. Now, I have a mortgage! Part of me wants to hit the break and say enough. I want to go to school; although I’m not sure why I want to go back to exams and uncertainty of school. But I have to say there was a freedom to college that I miss. It’s almost like you’re your own boss in college. Who do you actually answer to in college? Multiple professors who rate you? You switch clients and projects every six months regardless of whether you won or lost. So suddenly, I have a sense of stability and it feels strange.

Stability has made me lose my sense of urgency. So I’m usually more on top of things, and I’ve become more laid back.

But maybe having a house will motivate me. After all, paying all the freaking bills will definitely make me want to save money; watch the expenses, and invest more. Honestly, after looking at our electric bill for 14 days, which totaled a month’s worth of electricity (and that’s on a high month!). Also, moving into a new house meant we got lax in our spending. I mean when you’re spending so much already on other stuff, what’s another $10? Or $20? Or $100?

So, even though I started writing this with very little motivation, the more I wrote, I realized I need to get motivated for this year. Because we have a lot of expenses coming up, and we have to get control of those expenses once again.

So, I’ll start with some short term goals for this week. Take care of paperwork, sell books back to Amazon, figure out budget for 2014, and establish goals. I can do this!

But, seriously, back to the original point of this (sorry for getting so sidetracked), part of me does want to become a BUM. But it’s just not possible right now.

It’s so late now, I really hope I used impeding correctly.