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LunchBox Conversations: New Car Smell

I’m starting a new series called Lunchbox Conversations!

Remember when we were little kids and we used to bring our lunches to school and sit around the cafeteria table and talk? Well, I never actually brought my lunch from home, but I did buy cafeteria lunches. Not the greatest of meals, I would end up giving/selling my food away. Seriously, I was in fifth grade and selling my food to my classmates. Talk about a side hustle ;) Oh how times have changed…oh wait! They haven’t!!! Guess what I do during my lunch break? Sit around the cafeteria table with my coworkers. Instead of the cheerleader, football players, nerds cliches; it’s based on department or team.

Yesterday we ended up talking about new cars and what they would buy for their new car. One of our coworkers’ car had some problems last weekend with the transmission, it’s a lease that’s up in November, and he has already thinking about his new car. He is still debating whether to lease a new car or buy. In his mind, it all depends on how often he wants a new car. His comments suddenly brought on other coworkers’ opinions about their cars. One of my coworkers is pregnant and about to have a baby. She really wants a new car because of the baby and all. I asked her if she had already finished paying off her cars. She responded “oh h*** no…..We got a really good deal on it if only my credit hadn’t been so bad then.” She later mentioned how her graduate student loans grace period ends in February, and she is not looking forward to those repayments. She just finished her MBA this week. Not to mention the home mortgage that is only 2 years old.

I am not picking on my coworker, but I really wanted to ask her how can she possibly think about getting a new car when she hasn’t even paid of her current car loans (2), student loans, and has a baby on the way!?!

We are not talking about a nice new to us, but used to the old owner car. I mean a car that is a minimum $25,000. That’s the figure she was talking about.

Am I being too harsh? Maybe, I do have an allergic reaction to debt. We have 5K in debt right now and I can’t wait until it’s gone. Hopefully by next August. But I can’t even think about getting into more debt.

I really wanted to shake her and ask how much debt do you have woman and don’t you care about your baby’s future??? Why are you not starting to pay your student loans now instead of waiting for six months???

But before I could say anything (ahem imagine I said it), my other coworkers popped in and started talking about test driving new cars like the Ford Fusion or a brand new Camarro. Maybe they are getting paid more than me??? It’s the only way the could afford such luxuries.

What do you think? Do you have similar talks?