2013 Goals

Every year I sit down, make goals, and then review them. It helps me stay on track. Yes, the review is a tad late. But it took me a bit to compile our results for 2013.

If you want to look at my 2013 goals, click on this.

It’s been a really crazy year and looking back on my goals, I realized what a long way we have come.

***Credit cards are paid off in full every month.

Financial Goals:

  1. Increase primary savings account to $20,000 Done! Although the account is down to $10K, since I funded our IRAs for 2013 in January and February.
  2. Fully fund down payment fund of $30,000 and buy a house by the of the year. Holy crap we bought a house!!! We ended up putting 20% down. Check out all my house posts. From how we were out beaten from the Peachtree house, to dozens of failed showings, to how we found the house, to loan processing and who knows what else!
  3. Increase 401K to $19,000. Actually, I ended up beating my number and getting this to nearly $30K. The markets helped here, and ended up upping my contribution halfway through the year.
  4. Increase ESPP fund to $3900 through automatic payroll deductions. We only make it to $3K. Decided to cancel my ESPP contribution and max out 401K. I’m going to look at starting my ESPP once again in the fall. 
  5. Pay off car loan. We paid off this sucker!!! It felt awesome!
  6. Make $4000 side hustle income. Fail. But this year I’m going to work harder!

My Professional Goals:

  1. Finish MBA. Yes, I finished this and received my diploma in May. No debt! I even considered starting another one, but decided to postpone the decision.
  2. Identify mentor in company. Didn’t really do this. But I just set up a relationship for mentorship in my company this month. So better late than never. I’m also being mentored by an outside executive.
  3. Join a professional organization and attend one networking event every quarter. I joined Toastmasters
  4. Revisit and maintain mentor-mentee relationships with previous mentors. Still working on this one. Have to call people. 
  5. Continue training to be a sourcing manager. Establish goals to get there. Working on this one.
  6. Get good ratings on company’s IPM. They were average. Not great because I was too new. Going to prove this year’s were awesome!

Blog Goals:

  1. Switch to self-host
  2. Redesign website
  3. Increase twitter followers to 700. I only got to 500. 
  4. Join the Yakezie challenge. Fail. 
  5. Write post 3x/wk. Barely Pass. I wrote less at the end of the year when we were dealing with all the house stuff and work got end of the year crazy!

Life Goals:

  1. Workout 5x a week
  2. Lose 10 pounds. Maintain weight at 110 lbs. (Currently at 120-122). I’m at a healthy weight.
  3. Read 1 book every three months.
  4. Have fun with friends and hubby
  5. Visit family

Overall, the year went by so fast. I can’t believe we accomplished all of those goals. Our net worth tripled. We ended up almost $10,000 above our end of 2013 net worth goal.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.36.35 PM

For follow up:

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Did you accomplish your goals for 2013?

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