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I Love Having Dental Insurance

I love going to the dentist to have my dental cleaning. One of the benefits of becoming an adult, having a job, and having medical insurance is being able to take care of my smile. When I started my first corporate job at the age of 22, I immediately looked into getting braces. My parents were never able to afford braces for me. Hell, I never even asked. It was one of my dreams to be able to straighten my teeth. It wasn’t just for cosmetic purposes. My teeth were very crowded and my mouth would hurt; especially in the winter.

I immediately booked a dental appointment and started researching orthodontists. I received three estimates for my teeth and went with the orthodontist I felt more comfortable. He was about $500 more expensive, but I figured my teeth were worth it. The approximate cost of my braces was $5.500 paid over 24 months. My dental insurance covered $2000 and I had to cover the remainder ($3,500).

I, also, had to get four teeth pulled ($200 after dental insurance). I, also, paid for my wisdom teeth to be pulled, but this was a sunk cost as it had happened while I was in school. I went to a dental university and had students pull my teeth (cost $700). Most people would balk. I actually convinced two others to go to the dental university and had their wisdom teeth pulled. They had a better recovery period than me. I have a small jaw and my teeth‘s roots have hooks, which make them harder to pull.

My orthodontist was wonderful. He was very personable and always careful with my teeth. My teeth are very sensitive, so sometimes the procedures would take a little longer. I recommended my orthodontist to a coworker and she, also, went to him for braces. She loved him, as well.

Best money I spent. My smile looks great. My teeth and gums are healthier.

I just started a new job and have new dental insurance. This is the first time I have to pay for a premium for, both medical and dental insurance. Sucks, but at least I have the option. The dental plan includes 4 regular cleanings a year. Guess what, I will be going to get my teeth cleaned every quarter. I cannot wait!!!

Total spent for smile: $6,400.

Going Back to the Basics- Tina Fey Edition

I was at a social event celebrating one of my husband’s friend’s birthday party when a friend asked me how old I was. I responded 24. Then, I had to ask myself and my husband out loud if I was really 24. Heck, I even turned around to the friend and said I was wrong; I’m not 24, but 23. 5 seconds later I realized I was right the first time, and in fact, I’m really 24. I had to do the math and actually ask what year it was. Umm…where is my brain? I can’t even remember it’s 2014. Ouch.

Every time I see a kid I tell them, don’t grow up, it’s not as fancy and cool as it sounds. Remember when we used to play house? Oh how I laugh at that kid in my memories who thought being a grown up would be so cool. It’s not as cool as it sounds.


There are many pros of being a grown-up/adult. No one should technically tell me what to do with my life. Although my mom tries to still tell me what to do with my life. I get to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. My mom still gets on to me about my eating habits. She insists I should start cooking. Sigh…I really want to learn how to cook, but just can’t get over the fact it takes so long. First, you have to buy groceries, and then prep, then cook, and finally, then clean. It just sounds like no fun, and I’m so impatient I end up making food with pure hatred. My house, my rules! When I go back home, it sucks because it’s my parents’ house and their rules rule. But when I walk into my house every day after work, it feels great knowing it’s my own little space. A space I share with my husband, but still most of the time I can cut a piece of the living room for all my stuff! No curfew for me! Well, at least not mandatory parent curfew. I have a car. I can drive whenever, wherever I want; although I would rather not drive anywhere at all. I hate driving.


There, also, some cons of being a grown-up/adult. Why must there be so many bills? I can’t keep track of them. It’s hard to keep costs down. I just read today I have to keep track of my investments forever so I can declare taxes correctly. Holy crap? Dang it. I hate paperwork.

The work rat race exists. I didn’t actually believe it until I went through it myself. I do have to ask myself how people can keep up with this lifestyle till their sixty. I find myself wanting to do something else every day. Yes, I’m restless, but I’m not sure how to fix it. Some weeks, I want to just sleep. Other weeks, chocolate fixes my stress. This week, I find a good book is my solution; which brings me to the next topic.


I’m tired of social media. I am so tired. Facebook, I hate that I check on you habitually but you provide no benefit. Lately, all I want to do is bury myself in blankets and read book. I have gone back to my childhood dream of wanting to read books all day and potentially write some of my own. Don’t be surprise if I become a recluse living in the middle of nowhere when I get older. I think this is where I’m headed! Who knew…..I sure didn’t.


It’s a little weird to see myself evolve with these thoughts. I always wanted to grow-up, and though, I may not want to be a kid; I really don’t want to back to being a kid, especially not a teenager. Even though there are many things you must be responsible for as an adult; no way would I ever sign up for the teen years again. That’s my rant for the day.


Anybody feeling the pressure of adulthood?

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

In the spirit of giving thanks, this year I am very thankful for:

  • A loving hubby. We have a great relationship :) I could not ask for more…well, technically I couldn’t ask for more. I would appreciate some cooking skills babe!! Although, he says the same about me. LOL
  • A great caring family – Despite all the drama, we all love each other.
  • Roof over our head and food in our tummies :)
  • Employment :) Every day I am thankful for this.
  • Opportunity to grow

What are you thankful for this year? 

Stay Open to Options

It has been a pretty crazy week! I worked on so many projects and papers this weekend, my head was literally ready to explode, and I was ready to punch a wall. For a couple days there, I thought I was broken. I felt very depressed and unmotivated, and thought great this is me…I don’t want to be me! Well, thankfully I saw my friends and went for a run. I am back to my energetic self! I am hoping this motivated me stays along for the ride this week. This is the last stretch of the semester! I can do it and so can you!!! For those who are out of school, do you remember your last week?

I realized that for the past year, I have been limiting myself in terms of opportunities. Granted I have worked really hard, picked up great leadership opportunities, and really built an impressive set of skills, but I have been focusing on this definite path for a career. I crafted this ideal career path, and set particular goals. I have said no to a couple of opportunities because it didn’t fit what I wanted to do.

So now, I am reminding myself that I have to keep my mind open to any opportunities that might pop up and surprise me. I have to remember that life is full of surprises and opportunities. I think I am ready to say “Bring it on world!”

Have you found yourself limiting yourself by not considering certain opportunities?


P.S. Back to work for me. I have to finish all my schoolwork by Friday…so close! I also have to rent a car.