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Spending Time With Friends is Good For the Soul

Spending time with friends is good for the soul!

It’s easy to forget friendships when you are trying to keep up with work, family, relationships, and money. I know I have chosen to work over friends many of times. But what happens when you skip quality time with family and friends? Time passes by, you get older, and you lose experiences. This past weekend I celebrated Halloween with friends, and had a phenomenal time. We laughed while playing silly games, and I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I, also, slept in and spend my morning with the hubby. This morning when I got up to start the work week, I made it out of bed early, and was happy going into work.

It’s actually why I have decided to stop babysitting as a side hustle. About two months ago, I debated whether side hustles where worth the time and effort. A lot of people were extremely positive and motivated me to continue side hustling. But the truth is, I don’t enjoy babysitting. I feel like the time I spend babysitting could easily be spent reading a book, relaxing, working on this blog, working out, spending time with friends, etc. It also has to do with compensation.

Well actually, it all has to do with compensation. Basically, the family I work for has an insurance plan that provides childcare expenses through an agency. My friend was moving away, and she passed down this family to me. I was getting paid through this agency to babysit. However, since the agency only pays $8/hr minus taxes, social security, and medicaid, I made an arrangement with the family that I would charge $10/hr from the money I get. The problem is: I’m not always available to babysit, and neither was my friend before me. So the mom would take the kids to daycare which charges $15/hr/kid and be compensated through this money. My friend had this arrangement with her. When I started working with this family, I figured this would only be like $400 at most in any case.  I come to find out that she owes $4000 in childcare expenses, and I have to take it from the taxable compensation I get from the agency. I’m fine paying taxes when I’m keeping the money, but there’s no way I’m going to increase my taxable income and give the money away. So I have given her notice, and am walking away. It’s a little confusing, but believe me in the end it just wasn’t going to work out to my benefit. I’m not done with babysitting forever, but unless the family is willing to provide good compensation (cash $15/hour is the rate in my area) and advance notice; it will be in the back burner. Phew…long winded explanation.

I want to dedicate my time on hobbies/side hustles that I enjoy, am passionate about, or provide growth opportunities. I do think side hustles are worth it, especially when you are trying to earn additional income and pay down debt, but they should also make sense in your life.

Are Side Hustles Worth It?

I have been babysitting to earn some additional income the past couple of months. Babysitting allows me to earns some quick cash without having to do a lot of work. Well, depends on what you consider work. There are times where babysitting is very draining because I have to play a lot with the kids, and other times it’s not that bad because we end up watching a lot of Netflix shows. I seem to forget every time I start babysitting again that kids are SUPER ENERGETIC.

Daisy over at Add-Vodka When life Gives You Lemons explained Why Babysitting is An Awesome Side Hustle.

I have been babysitting for a long time. I babysat three kids when I was just twelve years old. I was a nanny for two summers during high school. And now after a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, I’m still babysitting. My husband often asks me why? I earn way more money at my day job, and what I make babysitting is minimal. I only started babysitting this client because I had free time before I started working and it was driving me crazy! My friend couldn’t handle the hours due to MCAT studying and she passed the client over.

There are a couple benefits to babysitting including

  • The cash. We are trying to save as much as possible, trying to pay off the car loan, and will soon be having my braces payments. The extra money helps a little.
  • I’m, also, helping out a mom who’s husband is overseas in Iraq. She has no family nearby, and thus no help. She’s super nice and I really like her and the kids.

There a some downsides which are making me ponder if this side hustle is really worth it.

  • First of all, I would love for my side hustle to be a passion or a hobby. Taking care of kids is not my passion. Actually, I do not enjoy it (part of the reasons why I don’t want to have kids anytime soon or at all). Let me point out I’m not a bad babysitter. The kids actually love me!
  • Second, the mom never has a planned scheduled for me. Often times, she calls me randomly and asks me to come babysit for her. She cancels and reschedules all the time. When I do babysit for her, she says she only going to take two hours, and ends up taking 3 or 4 hours. This is bad because I’m always on a tight schedule.
  • Third, it’s hard to take care of kids after working all day. A lot of you might say, oh I have to do that with my kids. But we have made a conscious decision not to have kids, because we know we can’t handle it right now.

It comes down to how badly do I need the cash? And for how long I can keep on doing this? I need to be at my top game for work. My primary focus is my career. I, also, would like to spend time with my hubby. Often times, instead of spending time with him, I go babysitting like tonight. If it’s not him, it’s time with friends. I’m young right now, and feel like I need to enjoy life.

It’s not that many hours a week right now. I probably do 3 – 5 hours a week. So it’s not bad. I just wanted to show the darker side of side hustling. It’s not always easy. It takes lots of motivation. And often times, quitting seems like a good option. I’m just trying to hang on to my side hustle.

Do you face similar dilemmas? Do you think side hustles are worth it?