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How I Met Your Mother Season 8 Marathon

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 was released on Netflix this past week. Enough said! I had to spend most of my weekend trying to watch as much as the season as possible.




Fun fact about me: I speak Spanish! Hah, I bet you already knew that. Here’s Spanish Barney.



I love the internet. I don’t what I would do without it. Well, I would read books, but I would still want my laptop to read my ebooks. Our VP got booted out, for lack of a better word, and we all immediately googled our new VP’s name. Sometimes I think not having an identity online is more suspicious than not having one.

My husband had never seen Lara Croft. So we saw the first movie a couple of weeks ago. Gosh…Lara Croft made Angelina Jolie super hot. Remember all the Halloween costumes?


I finally met the mother! And she is adorable!!!! Sombitches are delicious!


I love the sports references…I imagine if kids watching reruns of HIMYM 10-15 years from now will understand the Lebron James reference? Probably not.


So, this past week, I got puppy fever. Actually I’m not sure it’s gone completely. So, don’t be surprised if we get a dog in the next few months. Any advice? We are looking for a rescue house broken 1-2 year old tibetan terrier. Are you wondering why this gif applies? Well, I fell in love with this puppy on Facebook. I wanted to adopt him and I spent all weekend trying to convince my husband to adopt him. Finally, rationale won. Well, I talked to the shelter mom, and she said the energetic puppy would not fit our lifestyle.


I saw a house I liked on Redfin at the right price and right location. I wanted to go see it, but it was delisted temporarily. Sigh….People need to start selling more of their houses. People move out!!!


I’m going to be out of the country the next week. I would love to schedule some guest posts while I’m off traveling. You can write about anything interesting. If you are interested, message me!

Also, site is under construction! Everything should be in place by the end of the week.