I Love Having Dental Insurance

I love going to the dentist to have my dental cleaning. One of the benefits of becoming an adult, having a job, and having medical insurance is being able to take care of my smile. When I started my first corporate job at the age of 22, I immediately looked into getting braces. My parents were never able to afford braces for me. Hell, I never even asked. It was one of my dreams to be able to straighten my teeth. It wasn’t just for cosmetic purposes. My teeth were very crowded and my mouth would hurt; especially in the winter.

I immediately booked a dental appointment and started researching orthodontists. I received three estimates for my teeth and went with the orthodontist I felt more comfortable. He was about $500 more expensive, but I figured my teeth were worth it. The approximate cost of my braces was $5.500 paid over 24 months. My dental insurance covered $2000 and I had to cover the remainder ($3,500).

I, also, had to get four teeth pulled ($200 after dental insurance). I, also, paid for my wisdom teeth to be pulled, but this was a sunk cost as it had happened while I was in school. I went to a dental university and had students pull my teeth (cost $700). Most people would balk. I actually convinced two others to go to the dental university and had their wisdom teeth pulled. They had a better recovery period than me. I have a small jaw and my teeth‘s roots have hooks, which make them harder to pull.

My orthodontist was wonderful. He was very personable and always careful with my teeth. My teeth are very sensitive, so sometimes the procedures would take a little longer. I recommended my orthodontist to a coworker and she, also, went to him for braces. She loved him, as well.

Best money I spent. My smile looks great. My teeth and gums are healthier.

I just started a new job and have new dental insurance. This is the first time I have to pay for a premium for, both medical and dental insurance. Sucks, but at least I have the option. The dental plan includes 4 regular cleanings a year. Guess what, I will be going to get my teeth cleaned every quarter. I cannot wait!!!

Total spent for smile: $6,400.

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