Rant: Political Craziness

It’s really hard to ignore everything going down in Washington, D.C. I don’t usually discuss politics because the subject is very personal and a very taboo subject in the U.S. But…I just can’t believe what’s happening. Here comes a rant. In light of everything happening today: Flynn, the tax bill, Trump’s tweets, I just can’t be quiet.

I identify myself as a more left leaning, definitely on the blue side; just because I believe in the benefit of the social net. Those are just definitions. But, honestly, I believe the government and politicians are corrupt. I think it’s because I’m Mexican. In Mexico, all politicians are corrupt. Life goes on. People vote. The PRI takes over again. Yet because I was raised in the US, I’m more idealistic.

I’m probably more fiscally conservative than the mainstream Republican mentality. I have noticed mainstream Republicans all care about tax cuts and cutting entitlement programs. Why isn’t the focus on efficiencies? Efficiencies drive down costs. Basic supply chain concept (I’m a supply chain professional). The focus should be how we can distribute taxes in an efficient matter with an effective return on investment. Behh…when I try to bring this up to people, the conversation always goes back to how heavily we’re taxed.

Yes, we are taxed. Although we are a low tax nation comparatively. But what if the tax dollars were used more efficiently to help people in need? Except when I bring this up, I really uncover the truth. The theme: people who have wealth deserve it, and those that don’t have wealth, don’t really deserve it, so programs shouldn’t exist. I’ve narrowed it down to a sentence, but that’s how it feels. It’s scary when I start to read in between the lines. People just don’t care.

I worked for a Swedish company for many years. Sweden heavily taxes their population, but then you hear about all the benefits they have: parents get 18 months of paid leave (dad has to take a mandatory 6 months), university is paid for, transportation, medical care, low poverty levels. The tax dollars are used and given back.

Now, back to the present. Part of me wishes the current administration and Congress passes the legislation they want to pass. Guess what? The legislation will favor the wealthy. The 1% already owns 99%’s of the nation’s wealth. But I guess statistics don’t matter. People will then really see the miracles of these tax cuts.

I don’t mean to seem cocky, but maybe it’s the only way people will understand the difference. I have two master’s degrees. I am bilingual. I am a citizen of two countries. I’m young. I don’t have kids. I’m smart. I have global experience on my resume. If things go south, I am adaptable. I can and will pick up. I am a lot more hirable than the average American,

So if things go south, I will not be the one who hurts the most. Might it hurt? Yes. But most likely, the affected ones will be the senior citizens, people with families, people in rural areas already struggling. I’m not writing this to say I’m better than other people. On the contrary, I believe in people. I believe people should progress. Yet I see people who are voting for representatives that don’t represent their best interests. It really feels like some people like to shoot themselves in the foot.

So go ahead with the tax and entitlement programs cuts. I don’t care about cutting social security or Medicare. I’m not anywhere close to 65. I don’t plan on collecting social security or Medicare when I’m 65 (4 decades away). I see it as a tax. I’m preparing for retirement solely on our penny. So, if the program goes away because it breaks, I’m ok with it.

I don’t think the millions of baby boomers coming of age or currently enrolled will be happy. But hey they should have prepared for retirement better! Come on, why were they banking on an entitlement program? Instead of spending all their money on material objects and too big houses, they should have been saving their money. I definitely do not want to support a bunch of baby boomers. Plus, who would hire them now that they are old and slow? They don’t know anything about technology.

It’s a very harsh mentality. But guess what I’m getting older and don’t want to keep paying taxes for people that didn’t plan well.

Just saying….the irony…

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  • I love this rant. I am one of the very few who LOVES politics. I mean part of it is for my job. But I think we actually need to rant and talk about it more. We are at a dangerous time in the republic and people need to be more aware. Need to talk more. I want to hear from Trump supporters. I want to understand their mentality. More information is better. Keep ranting and keep writing!!!!

    • Hey Jason! I know we need to talk about it more, but man is it hard to argue/discuss the other side with people that don’t agree. I definitely want to understand the Trump supporters. But when I listen, I feel like they are shooting themselves in the foot.

  • The issue is that Medicaid and CHIP cuts affect young children which is a major concern and should be a concern to you. While this tax bill that passed doesn’t say anything about cuts, the cuts will happen once it’s signed into laws.

    As you noted with Sweden, societies prosper when the basics are taken care of. If the poor people can’t even get affordable access to health care, housing, food, and child care, how are they able to better themselves and make a difference in the world? The wealth gap is only going to get worse.

    And when baby boomers and the disabled lose Medicare, Social Security, and disability in this country, there will be a MASSIVE housing crisis that will result in towns being destroyed via foreclosures, closed businesses, lack of property tax income, and even worse public schools (which matter for property values).

    All because corporations need their tax breaks to pass on to shareholders and CEOs.

    • Hi Tara! Welcome to the blog. The point of the post is that I do care. I care a lot. Unfortunately, I feel like the people that want tax cuts and believe entitlement programs are killing the country are misinformed. Probably because Fox News has 100% brainwashed them.

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