House Milestone

Here’s the big reveal: we’re under contract to build a new house. It’s a development house, thus, not a custom build.

Sigh…please don’t judge…

Not sure if reason went out the window the past month or we’re finally upgrading our lifestyle just a bit more. The last time we had a huge upgrade in lifestyle was over 5 years ago when we graduated from school and started our careers. We really just went from being two broke students to two working professionals with a moderate lifestyle.

I think part of the reason is that we just went through a pretty emotional roller coaster with my job. You think this would make me want to get out of the corporate world earlier? Sigh…but it, also, made me want something else, a beautiful house.

I’m not sure if we’re making the right financial decision for our future. We are definitely splurging, but maybe if I work magic on our numbers next year, we may hit our full net worth increase in 2018.

When I wrote earlier, some of you suggested to wait and see, don’t buy a house. Well, we…probably with my significant influence, didn’t listen. We were going to move back in to our old house. We had every intention in doing so, then I realized I wanted a new house.

We’re going to keep our first house rented (so officially permanent landlords) and will be moving into our new house mid next year. It has been an exciting and scary last month. Did I make the right decision? Was I too quick in choosing the location? Are we spending too much money? The answers are maybe, maybe, and maybe.

Let me say that this is going to motivate me to keep doing well at my job. Hopefully, it motivates my husband, as well because it’s a big expense. Furthermore, our budget will be changing…ergh..increasing…

I’m going to have lots of freak out moments. Every night I talk to my husband about the same things. My close best friends are aware of my concern.

I know you’re probably thinking, if she’s concerned, then why is she buying a new house?

The answer is simple. I wanted a new house. It would have taken significant time and money to renovate our old house to make it what we wanted and it still wouldn’t be what we wanted. I wish we were more DIYers but the truth is we’re not. Most of the work would have to be outsourced. So we decided to buy a new house…I ran some numbers and thought we could stretch ourselves to do it. Did I account for everything? No….specifically just recently when I was crunching the numbers and realized I had a fundamental error in the budget. I was either assuming we made more than we actually make or was saving too much and my calculations were not capturing everything. I went from a very happy person who thought we were going to meet all our savings goals next year to a person who’s slightly disappointed because meeting our net worth goal next year will be a stretch. Not impossible, but a stretch.

Come next year our budget will change and we will be spending more on housing than ever before. I will definitely need to emphasize to my husband, we will need to be tighter with our spending….not sure if he will be able to do it…

This will be an experiment. Time will tell if we made the right decision. Worst case…we sell and move on in a few years right?

I go from happy person when thinking about what our house will look like to a sad person when I think about our budget. Paula’s words have never been truer.

You can afford anything, but you can’t afford everything (

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  • Super congrats!!! I’m a massive fan of brand new houses, from the energy efficiencies to the semi customization. Granted they cost more money and there are no guarantees from construction defects but still so worth it IMHO because remodeling can be such a huge headache on top of costs that seem to skyrocket all the time. As long as you bought location, location, and location you should have no issues on retaining or gaining equity in your home. So many people are so critical when it comes to real estate, but only you know what you can and want to afford. Also, unless they are contributing to the house, they really have no say! Far too many times I depended on others opinions to make decisions for way too long, like I was some child always needing affirmation… Again, have faith and confidence in yourself!

    If you wouldn’t mind, could you spare any details on your new home? So curious and happy for your purchase :)

  • Congrats on the new house. You have every right to freak out and to break your own rules. I mean this wasn’t a whim you were thinking about this for a while. When you buy the new house you may find that being a landlord is a pain and you just sell it. That would decrease your budget and probably put some more equity into the house.

    You play monetary mental gymnastics like me and that is ok. I second guess all the time, but that is part of the journey. Perhaps, the biggest thing from this is the motivation to take care of this house debt ASAP. Fear can be a powerful motivator. We shouldn’t live in fear, but a little fear can be a great tool when channeled the right way.
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    • Thanks Jason. I broke my own rules for sure. A house is such a big purchase and there’s not really a return period. Hopefully, it won’t be a bad decision. Although there are times during the day where I doubt the decision.
      As far as the old house, I actually love the location. Really love the location…wish we could buy a new house in that location, but developers aren’t building houses in our price range. Bah :(

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