Why I Resigned

On Monday, I walked in to the office and gave my manager my two weeks’ notice. It was the shortest conversation ever.

Me: “Just wanted to inform you my last day will be October 13th.”

Manager: “Where are you going to work?”

Me: “I’m leaving to pursue other opportunities.”

Manager: “Are you leaving the city?”

Me: “I’m leaving the company.”

Manager: “Well, best wishes.”

Then, I got up, mentioned something about using the rest of my vacation, and left the room. You’re probably wondering, what the heck. But the truth is the conversation went as expected. The reason I left the company is because my manager was bullying me and treating me differently (negatively) than my male colleagues. I had documentation, had gone to HR, and nothing happened.

I hope to never have to go through it again. It was scary. I felt powerless and it was awful. But thankfully I was not alone. Could I have moved internally? Yes, I was working on leads internally, but I, also, wanted to get the heck away from manager. I went from being a top performer to being criticized about things that were uncalled and inappropriate remarks. I started to look externally for a job, and landed a position that was a better fit (5-6 weeks after I started looking). I really could not turn it down, once I got the offer. It would have taken me a couple years to finally land a similar position at my current company.

Once I put in my notice, apparently I shocked people. But I didn’t shock my current manager. I made some great relationships, but it’s time to move on.

What I learned from this experience:

  1. The Importance of Confidence: I could have stayed longer, endured, waited for management to change. But I decided it just wasn’t worth it right now. I’m at a point in my life where I can take risks. Taking this job was a risk, but I learned a lot and it helped me land the new position. But I’m valuable. So if the company doesn’t value me, then I will find somewhere else where I will be valued.
  2. The Importance of a Supportive Spouse: I love my husband. He’s very supportive and is actually the one who said I shouldn’t have to put up with a manager who doesn’t value me and who attempted to bully me.
  3. The Importance of a Network: For support, for job leads, for help in desperate times.
  4. The Importance of Friends: For support, for help in desperate times. Friendships are so important.
  5. Bad Managers Suck: Bad managers are demoralizing. I had never had a bad manager before and it totally sucked.

We’re not financially independent yet, but the reason I want to be financially independent is because I want to have freedom. I don’t want to be stuck to a job because I can’t survive without it. I want to have power.

Did I make the right move? I don’t know. Time will tell. Am I making a bad move? No, I am not.

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