2 Weeks Notice

On Monday, I will walk into the office and give my two weeks notice. Oh, also, I will tell my manager I will need to take 5 days off to use up all my vacation. My company does not pay full for vacation, so I’m going to take the vacation instead.

I’m both excited and anxious. I will go into more detail of why I decided to resign after a little over a year with the company when I think it’s appropriate. I write anonymously, but still…

One of my college professors told my class that our generation will work for seven companies in our career. I’m five years into the corporate life (started at 22) and will be on my third, once I start my new job with my new company.

We’re, also, relocating once again. We are moving back to Dallas. I received/accepted an offer and it happens to be in Dallas. It’s going to be a crazy few months.

I’m super excited about this new opportunity. I’m, also, very grateful for this opportunity came at the right time when I need to exit from my current role. But seriously, I’m going to stick at this company for a few years. I’m nervous. I’m starting over again and I was just starting to build a network at my current company. But I learned so much, so I just need to remind myself to focus on the future and be positive. I will do awesome at this next job and I will be close to friends and family (pro’s and con’s on that one). But I’m beyond excited to be close to my best friends. The ones, where I can just show up and fall asleep on their couch.

I have an amazing husband, who is once again moving and putting his job security at risk again for my career. He landed a job a few months ago and he’s working for a really good team. He’s going to be here for a bit longer, then he will work from home until sometime next year.

There are many decisions coming up. Yes, more than deciding to resign from my current job, and accepting another. Like where are we going to live?

So, we have been tossing the idea around of buying a second house in Dallas. Our current house is rented to a couple of friends. So this is a great opportunity to start on the rental income path. So here are the options:

  1. Buy a house – the market is so crazy hot in Dallas. I never thought I would spend as much money as we’re thinking of spending, but there’s really nothing available below $200K. I increased our budget to $250K, and even then, it’s slim pickings.
  2. Build a house – This would be a super complicated ordeal. But we would get everything we want (well hopefully) for as much as we would spend buying an already built “used” house.
  3. Move into our old house – We move into our already purchased house after we give notice to our current tenants. We will spend money fixing it up. We bought this house in 2013 as a fixer upper. It needed a lot of fixing it up. When we moved in, it barely had running electricity. We decided that if we moved in, we would spend the money and time to work on a lot of internal projects while we are not in the house. Projects: Install hardwood floors throughout house, gut the bathrooms, drywall and insulate the garage, remove popcorn ceilings, paint the inside of the house. We could probably wait to do the garage once we moved in, but the floors, bathrooms and popcorn ceilings would need to be completed before we moved in to the house.

It’s a hard choice to make. I don’t know what’s the right decision. I don’t want to be house poor. I don’t want to buy an overvalued house. We have long term plans to get to financial independence, and I don’t want our current decision to put a damper in our plans.

I’m 27 year old who’s just trying to make the right decisions in life. I swear after we finish this episode in our lives, life will slow down.

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  • Congrats on the new job and future move!! You don’t know me so my opinion is weighted, but here goes anyway – move back into your old house. You only bought it a few years ago. You saw something in it at the time that made you want to take the leap. Don’t go out of your price range to buy something that most likely won’t be exactly what you want. Don’t try to build when the thought of the current projects in your old house are overwhelming. Building from scratch will be worse AND expensive. Settle back in and take the time to fix it up as you can. You will be busy but at least you won’t be overwhelmed or making a forced decision out of your budget. This coming from a former Realtor and home fixer upper. :) Good luck!!
    Miss Mazuma recently posted…When is a Loophole or Hack Immoral? And Can It Be Considered Theft?? Asking for a friend…My Profile

    • Hi Miss Mazuma,

      I have read most of your blog posts!!! You might not know me and I might not know in person, but I have read your posts. I am a reader.

      Thanks for your input. I’m definitely leaning towards moving into our old house. It’s the easiest decision.

  • Not to scare you but I have heard of some companies not letting you use vacation as part of your two week notice. And then there are the companies that let you go the same day you put your notice in. Hopefully your company isn’t either.

  • Oh man! That’s a big day, indeed. So excited for you two.

    I also moved states for an opportunity for Mrs. Done by Forty to pursue her PhD. At least you’re taking a job in tow! (Two, actually.) We were not as wise with the move.

    We continually debate how many houses to have re: rentals and it’s not an easy decision. For us, we decided to sell our first home rather than rent it out…but I think we’ll always have a tinge of regret about it.

    • Hi Mr. Done By Forty!!! Thanks for stopping by. The path of least resistance is to keep our house rented and buy another one. If we keep our first house, the hope is, it could provide rental income in the future. Considering we have about 11 years left and $86K left in the mortgage, totally doable. But the struggle will be to find a house that we like at our price point. We will probably need to take a 30 yr loan, which sucks because I never wanted to take a 30 yr loan!!!

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