Life Update: Sept 2017

My 2018’s resolutions will have to include publishing more posts. I have been MIA the past couple of months…well maybe more than a year to be honest. Once you stop writing, it’s hard to start writing again. It feels a bit weird starting to share again. But honestly, it’s very much like running. Once I finish running, I feel great. Writing is therapeutic.

About a year ago, we relocated to the MidWest for my job. It has been a year of transition. The new company has been an adjustment. Honestly, I can’t believe how much I used to complain about my old company and now, there are days where I miss my old company so much. There is something to be said about being comfortable where you are in life and how hard it is to change.

It’s been an adjustment to live in a new city and make new friends. In Dallas, we had a circle of friends, and a network to support us. In this new city, we are starting from scratch.

The allure of more money enticed me to accept my current job, but there are days where I wonder if more money was/is worth it. I increased my salary, but work more hours. Not sure. I do have to say that you get used to the increased income. We haven’t increased our lifestyle, but it’s nice to be able to save a bit more money.

Honestly, I’m looking at other options. At 27, I feel so young and old at the same time. When I was 20, I had so many dreams. I don’t feel settled at 27. Maybe it comes when I turn 30?

My anxious self often has me second guessing myself. I just have to hope that I’m making the right decisions for my career and life.

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  • At 45, money is so critical to me. My income has been stagnant for over 10 years now and has actually went down a bit for the last 2. The only consolation is that my wife’s income has increased. The only reason I feel somewhat secure is that our real estate holdings are fairly significant because our retirement funds are sorely lacking compared to my “peers.” Still, overall I do not feel overly confident in my retirement prospects and that does lead me into some insecurities. I would stop second guessing yourself in your moves to make more money, at almost any costs because it gets worse when you are older with fewer options to make more money…

    • Have you looked at your saving rate? Are you able to increase retirement contributions?

      • Playing catch-up 401k at my age is not fun. Right now I’m dropping 20% every paycheck into my 401k but 20% of not much is not much LOL! At this point it is a small part of my retirement plan because I’m relying on real estate to catapult me into retirement…the worst investment 99% of the financial bloggers would say but I’ve had the most success with. On top of a small pension and social security, I’m hoping I will be able to retire at age 67 without much difficulty… personal finance is complicated when you don’t make that much money, grumble…

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