Goals Recap 2016

Another year bites the dust. 2016 was a year of change. Halfway through the year we packed up our belongings and moved cross country to the Midwest. I have been at my job for 6 months and my husband is in transition. My husband is taking more time off than expected (extended vacation), but spending has remained in check. It helps we are low spenders in general. Here is a recap of 2016’s goals.

1.       401K – Complete

2.       Hubby’s IRA – Complete.

3.       My IRA – Complete

4.       Invest in brokerage account – Not Complete

5.       Increase Liquid Cash – Working on it.

6.       Continue ESPP contribution – No longer relevant since I switched jobs.

In 2016 I decided to simplify my goal list and focus on financial goals. It’s probably a good thing because my exercise regime has fallen off the map due to the new job and my lack of motivation to start a good routine. I want 2017 to be different on the personal side. There are a few notable items on my personal side that are influencing my goals for next year.

A)      I have been so exhausted. I am more tired than usual. The exhaustion runs deep. I don’t even want to travel anymore. Staycation anyone? I even wrote about feeling the burn out at work. I don’t even know what to blame at this point. It’s a combination of many factors – corporate work/life balance (does that exist?), a decrease in fitness and healthy foods, not enough sun (I sit in a cubicle all day). Whatever it is I need to figure it out.

B)        I manage the financial household in our relationship. I enjoy messing around with spreadsheets, reading about personal finance, etc. It’s a fun activity for me. I soak up the knowledge. But this really needs to be a joint activity; at least in terms of review. There are times where I feel a huge burden on my shoulders, especially now since my sole income is supporting us. We moved due to my job, but there have been moments of frustration at my husband’s job search. This is what happens when you have a very goal driven person (me) and a very laid back person (him) join forces in marriage. I’m very independent and will dig through a mountain if needed. So, in part, my husband has no need to take care of me in the traditional financial sense. We are working through it. I need him to understand the numbers at a high level and how the numbers are connected to the short term goals which are connected to long term goals and then, ultimately to dreams.

Here are the goals for 2017…even more simplified.

1.       Automate Finances and Do Not Touch Automation

a.        Contribute to retirement accounts (401K, IRAs, HSA)

b.       Invest in brokerage account

2.       Health and Fitness

a.        Exercise 4-5 times a week

b.       Eat more vegetables and fruit, less carbs.

3.       Involve my husband in finances more

a.        Draft an Investment Policy Statement

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  • I don’t see a “fun” goal in there? 😉

    Not sure if you said it in the past but any children goals?

    • Hi Stacking Cash! No fun goal…don’t really want to track how much fun I have in life. I don’t think I have mentioned children. Probably because children are not in the short term plan for us. I’m 26 and my husband is 27. We feel so young to have children. I want to focus on my career and want to make sure we have a strong financial base. Then, we can talk about whether we do want children in our lives.

  • “I need him to understand the numbers at a high level and how the numbers are connected to the short term goals which are connected to long term goals and then, ultimately to dreams.”

    Yes to this! I feel like this has finally happened for us.
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