Progress on Decreasing Our Expenses

My Discover credit statement closed last week and we accomplished what we haven’t been able to accomplish in months: we decreased our spending. My goal to keep our spending to $1500 on our card was not met completely. We went over by $75, but $75 is way better than $500! Next month’s goal is to maintain this consistency. This past month was a very challenging month. I really had to watch our spending in the food category and delayed some other expenses till the end of the month. Keeping our spending low is hard work. I have to consistently watch what we spend our money on and make sure we are not overspending. It means logging in to mint every day and consciously thinking about our purchases on a daily basis.

This next month is going to be challenging. We have a couple of house expenses coming up. We have to have our warranty people come and perform service. Our garbage disposal is broken, our dishwasher is connected to the garbage disposal and won’t turn on, and our A/C needs service. I’m, also, updating the kitchen and will probably spend another $150 to finish buying the materials we need. Being a homeowner is not cheap! There are only five more paychecks left in the year. Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, which means I have to start buying Christmas presents for the family! So much to do!

I hope the end of the year festivities does not trump our budget, but it may be this way. The fight to keep our spending in check will continue though.


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