Is 24, The Rut Year?

Everybody stop what you are doing now! Do you remember what your 24th year on this earth felt like? Please tell me. Because so far, 24 is pretty solidly stable. Nothing is wrong with stable except that stable is boring to write about. Maybe I’m just going through a blogging rut? I’m pulling an Erika @ Newlyweds on A Budget and using bullets to summarize my thoughts. Check out her post – The Bullet List Post.

  • I just woke up from a nap. I passed out as soon as I got home. I know older people at work say the young have all the energy, but after working from 8 to 6, driving home for 40 minutes, I have no energy left. All I can do is close my eyes because they hurt from staring at monitors all day long.
  • I’m so jealous of people who drink caffeine. I have to wake myself up naturally every day with a shower and then pure mental grind. FYI I don’t drink any caffeine. I, also, do not drink tea.
  • I’m stressed. My brother is a senior in high school and I’m helping him with all of his college and scholarship applications. It’s stressing me out. I thought about what the end of the year is going to be for me and on top of everything else, there’s that.
  • Working out consistently, what’s that? I was doing so well all year, until I injured myself in June. It’s now October, I can’t seem to get back on the work out train. I run a couple of days a week, but it’s not enough. Meanwhile, I’m eating worse. Ugh…stupid sweets and junk food. I eat so much better when I’m working out all the time but since I haven’t, diet is failing.
  • I wanted to sneak away one last time, a small getaway weekend, but I haven’t planned anything. I’m tempted to just do a staycation. I love our bed, our house is nice, we have trails nearby….we won’t have to deal with airports….just a thought.
  • I feel guilty about not visiting my family more. Sigh…my mom did a great job raising me I guess. The Mexican guilt trip, I can’t wash it off!! I went to see them in July? I think July. Although every time I have a free weekend I have to spend working on my brother’s college stuff, so it’s hard to sneak away. October is already packed with activities. I think it may wait until early November, when I go see my Dad for his birthday. I can’t do everything, sorry Mom.
  • Holidays are coming up. That’s it. Holidays are coming up. STRESS!!!
  • Being superwoman sometimes is so much pressure. So much to do…so little motivation or energy. Oh and time too!
  • Talking about motivation, I can’t seem to get motivated. I have to find what makes me tick again.
  • Our kitchen is under construction – Painting the cabinets, painting the walls, adding hardware on the cabinetry, and a nice pull down shade for the kitchen. Can’t wait till it is finished.
  • Finances – Our are pretty boring. I’m trying to rein our spending. I think this month, with our new budget, and ferocious Mint tracking, we might make it. I’m, also, helping my hubby’s friends with his finances. He let me take control of them…more on that laters.
  • Exciting – Helping one of my friend’s plan her DIY wedding. It’s exciting!!!
  • At 24, I find myself trying to find myself.

That’s it people’s! :)

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  • That sounds like me at 28 – the years when we bought our duplex and were spending pretty much every weekend and some weeknights working on it trying to get it ready to rent. I was so burnt out by the end I broke down crying one night at our house because I was too exhausted to sweep and our entryway floor was constantly getting so dirty. We literally went out and bought a roomba that night. Surprisingly, roomba helped. A lot. Is there any job you are doing that you HATE that you can figure out how to outsource somehow? That was what changed my tide in my rut year, getting rid of the chore I hated the most.
    Mrs. PoP recently posted…Won’t You Be My Neighbor?My Profile

    • Can’t really outsource much. My in-laws are helping me with the kitchen, so it’s helping a bunch. It would take me a year to do it if at all. Job is the job. Gotta work. I think I once I get through this year and help my brother with all his college apps it will be better.

  • 20’s are a tough decade to go through. Lot’s of challenges and opportunities to be faced. Stay focused and have fun!

  • 24 was fabulous in the I’m young and single kinda way, but I have to say 30 is going pretty great too : )

    I drink coffee only because I love the taste. I don’t drink it every morning, and sometimes I even have decaf. I am definitely more of a morning person than a night person though. I am so alert in the mornings, around 8 pm I start getting tired and just zombie like. I have to really give myself a pep talk if we’re going out with friends so that I make it past 8.

  • I was definitely stuck in a rut at 24. I’m just about to turn 26 so 24 wasn’t that long ago. I was trying to be perfect and do all the things I was *supposed* to be doing, instead of doing what worked for me. I totally shook things up this past year at 25! I’m writing a post about this right now. :)

    My parents/in-laws constantly ask us when we’re coming home again. We live 8+ hours away… I have to listen to my energy levels and know that we can’t do it all the time! We saw them in June/July time frame so it’s not been that long for living so far away. I wonder if it’s a default talking point for parents?
    Genevieve recently posted…Would You Use Your Emergency Fund To Pay Down Debt? Brooke’s Big Student Loan PushMy Profile

  • I feel ya! I certainly thought my twenties would be a lot more drinking cosmos and traveling the world than long commutes and early nights in bed :)
    Emma Lincoln recently posted…I am not getting interviewed by the huffington postMy Profile

  • I feel you there. It all just seems way too difficult to catch a breather sometimes. I left Dallas for a weekend a couple weeks ago to visit family in Knoxville, TN. One thing that I noticed was that it was quiet. I didn’t realize how much noise we get from the highways all day and night in Dallas. I guess with all the growing in the recent years, Dallas is becoming one the cities that never sleeps. Now, I don’t know if it was the peacefulness in Tennessee or if it was all the nature walks through the trails I went on that rejuvenated me, but getting away most certainly reset my mind!

    I hope you find a reset button that works for you! :)
    Clay recently posted…Moved my website to WordPress!My Profile

  • Coffee and Diet Mt. Dew are my friends. Try swapping those for that junk food.

    I am a big fan of caffeine. Turbo boost for those times when you hit a lull.

    They say not to drink your calories, but it can’t be worse than snacks.

    24, 34, 44. Everything you do wants all your time. Say no. Make smart choices. For me, skipping going for regular runs is a sign I’m not on track. Make time now or it will be harder at 34 and 44.
    Wade recently posted…Breaking Walking Downton Dead Bad AbbeyMy Profile

    • I can’t drink coffee or soda or tea! Basically I can only drink water and juice. But I stick with lots of water. So no caffeine boost for me. I eat snacks for energy lol. After a 2 month lull of not working out due to an injury, now I’m back to working out. Day 1 today!

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