Have You Checked Your Investment Fund Fees?

In my effort to look for every easy penny in our finances, I went to Personal Capital to check out my investment fund expense ratios. Let’s be honest it’s easier for me to control fixed expenses than it is the variable expenses.

For example, we cut the cable chord in 2013! Savings? $50. Work for employers that pay for cell phone? Yes! $100 savings?

Controlling variable expenses are a lot harder for me. So, onward to look at fixed expenses. I read an article on the Wall Street Journal that most people don’t know how much money in fees they are paying for over the years!

Have you checked out your investment fund fees lately?

I have!

I pay a total of .09% each year in fund fees! In 20 years, this will cost me a grand total of $3,300.

To see a detailed table of the investments and their fees, see below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 9.01.57 PM

I have made a conscious decision to choose funds with low expense ratios. I’m so glad my company has given me the option to choose low cost Vanguard funds in my 401K.

The less fees I pay, the bigger return I get to keep!

In conclusion, take ten minutes to look up the expense ratios of your investments.

This has been a message from Savvy Financial Latina!!!



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