My Body is Breaking Apart at 24

I’m only 24 but it feels as if my body is falling apart.



I have been dealing with a lot of pulled muscles lately. Last year I pulled a muscle on my right shoulder blade. It took me 6 months to get back to full speed.



I was working out this afternoon, squatting actually, when I pulled a back muscle. It hurt. I tried stretching out, to see if I could continue working out. No, very bad. I couldn’t. I made it to the car to drive home and grimaced the entire ride home. Here’s the worst part! I undressed – apologize for the gory details -. Except I couldn’t pull my pants off.



My husband was playing basketball and his phone is always in his locker. I was stuck. Barely made it to bed, and I couldn’t get undressed or move. I decided to hunt him down. I needed those pants off so I could shower people!

I called his gym and asked for the receptionist to go the basketball court and tell him to call me. The pain was that extreme. I have never done this before, but desperate times call for desperate measures.



My hubby came and rescued me. I love him! Thank god because being stuck with spandex pants halfway off you is no fun!

I’m officially old.





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