Back from the Funk

I’m back from my period of silence. It seems quite a long time since I sat down to write. During this time I have moderately kept up with reading and commenting on fellow personal finance blogger’s posts, but refrain from writing myself. I have gone through a period of introspection that lasted quite a few months.

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It started this past spring, when I somehow entered into a huge disagreement with my mother. I couldn’t write during this time because everything revolved around my feelings toward my mother. I was going through a very dark period and couldn’t find a way out of it. I spent many days alone, pondering, looking back, and analyzing feelings I had long ago buried deep in my subconscious. These struggles are not new. The relationship between my parents, especially my mother, and I has always been tumultuous. I am constantly walking a tight rope. And the rope took a dive for the concrete this past spring. I will not go into details. Suffice to say most of the disagreement had to do with cultural differences, personality challenges, and miscommunication. The relationship is better now with more effort and communication on both sides.

I read a lot. So many books, two books a week at least. What did I read about? I read dystopias, people coming of age, and historical biographies. What did I learn?

I’m a lost 24 year-old. I turned 24 in May and realized I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Which is crazy for me because I have been so focused my entire life. I have considered working on a master’s degree before and I have written about my thoughts on the subject. Now, I’m thinking of pursuing a five year part-time master’s degree in computer science. My company would pay for my education. This decision would diversify my skill set and hopefully, help me land a better job in five years.

Other than that I don’t really know where I’m heading. All I know is I want us to be financially independent. So we will continue to save money and invest. While I continue to figure out my journey, I will continue to write here and plan on starting a new outlet. I did not forget about my blog, but just needed a break to refresh.

I’m excited to pick up and start working on new projects to keep the momentum going!

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  • I wouldn’t worry about not knowing what to do with your life. I’m 55 years old and I haven’t figured it out yet. Just keep a few principles in mind: 1) True happiness comes from helping others, 2) generosity always pays back, and 3) let go of all your emotional baggage, and 4) your life will change in unexpected ways as you get older – don’t fight it and don’t obsess about it. As long as you understand those things, you will be happy no matter what you do.

  • I understand what you mean. I have a difficult relationship with my father and for a long time it was very hard on me. I hope you guys can resolve it! Welcome back.
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted…How I Curb My Online ShoppingMy Profile

  • Life is definitely more than just money. It can be very complex at times. I’m 42 years old and I’m still learning, albeit the hard way and slowly. Just be mindful of your decisions, weigh the pros and cons and be confident that the choices you make will turn out to be the best. Well most of the time 😉

    The one thing that is always a constant for me is that even though life could be so much better, it can be so much worse. Never take anything for granted!

  • It is normal to be asking these questions. It would be strange if you didn’t want to improve and have a better life. I am glad you are not only writing again but also considering starting another blog. I see plenty of interesting topics and great posts here. Also, it is not a bad idea to entertain another blogger on your blog when you are not feeling writing. I see you are already doing that. It is a sign of a genereous person. Good for you.
    Carol Green recently posted…10 Personal Choices that Influence Auto Insurance PremiumsMy Profile

  • I’m sorry you went through such a tough time with your mom, but I’m happy to see you back! I’m 43 and still trying to figure out what to do with my career. I hesitate posting so much stuff about that on my blog, because I’m afraid if I am job searching someone will read it and think, “why would we hire her when she is so unsure about video editing.” It’s tough to not fully put myself out there. I think it’s awesome though your company will pay for your education if that’s the route you choose! Be patient with yourself!
    Budget and the Beach recently posted…Being Uniquely YouMy Profile

  • I’m sorry you’ve gone through a funk and had a hard time with your mom. Know you have company… I’m 26 and I’m not sure I have any clue what I want to do with my life!
    Miss Millennial recently posted…13 Changes to Save Money on ElectricityMy Profile

  • It’s OK to be lost at 24. Don’t be scared. Just go in the direction that seems right for now. You get to reinvent yourself. And you will…several times. 😉

    Hey, I’m so old I can’t even believe it…born in the Upper Paleolithic. Lemme tellya: each decade is better than the previous one. Life gets better year by year, even though U-No-What happens.
    Funny about Money recently posted…Rain! Actual RAIN!My Profile

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