The Benefits of a DINK Couple

My husband and I are a DINK (dual income no kids) couple. A lot of my coworkers are married and already have kids or about to have kids. I feel like we are so young, no idea how people do it with kids, especially without flexibility. I can’t imagine fitting kids into our schedules now. I’m out of the house for 12 hours at a time. Then, I spend 6-7 hours just sleeping. That only leaves about 6 hours of free time which gets eaten by showering, getting ready for work, cooking, eating, and getting the mind ready to go to sleep. I see everybody’s hectic schedule and have no desire to replicate it.

Here are some of the benefits as to how I see it:

  1. Only need 25 minutes to get ready in the morning. I’m pretty bad, or maybe I’m pretty awesome, but I’ve figured out how to maximise my sleep time and get ready super quickly. I’m not big on having super fancy hair or makeup to go to work, so this helps a lot. My hair air dries since it’s curly, so I never have to spend time blow drying or straightening my hair. I only wear eyeliner and use my glasses to accessorize!
  2. I only have to take care of myself in the morning. I get up before my husband and only have to worry about myself.
  3. Only have to worry about my laundry. My husband and I usually take care of our own laundry. Sometimes a couple of his items will get mixed up in mine or visa versa, but usually it’s not a lot. I do my work clothes separetly because the clothes are delicate. I have seen how much landry moms’s do every week. It’s insane. Can’t imagine.
  4. More discretionary income. One of my coworkers is about to have twins and he’s made comments of how their discretionary income is about to take a dip.
  5. No paying for daycare. The cost of daycare is insanely expensive. A female coworker has mentioned she pays $400 a week for her 1 year old’s daycare. That is $1600 a month! This amount covers our monthly expenses aside from mortgage andcar/home insurance.
  6. More free time. I really treasure my free time. I remember in college I would get so antsy when  I had free time. Every single hour of my day was allocated for a purpose. I’ve since switched life phiolosphies. Monday-Friday is a crazy race to get everything done, then Saturday and Sunday are a leisurely stroll. Last Sunday I woke up and finished reading a book, aftwerwards, I spent all day watching a marathon of Scandal on Netflix.
  7. We can take vacations during off-season when it’s much more affordable!

There you go. The benefits of not having kids. I really enjoy spending time with my husband alone. I think it’s extremely important. Life is already hectic enough. Some nights we barely talk to each because we get home and go to bed at different times.

On another note, did you know geese mate for life? Geese only have one partner their lifes. Talk about taking till death do us part quite seriously.

Are you part of a DINK couple? What are your thoughts?

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  • We are part of a DINK couple in our early 30’s, but plan to address the “NK” part over the next couple years. I agree with you SFL on these points, but have seen couples make it work despite the chaos. With that said, we are happy to wait and will be very close to having our retirements covered in under a year. It will be a relief to have that freedom shortly and be able to focus on our children, even if that requires seeking more flexible employment that pays less, or we go from “DI” to “SI.”

    I think the only downside is some of my friends in their early 40’s will have children graduating high school while we will be in our 50’s when that happens. I’m wouldn’t change our timing regardless.

    • Hey, it doesn’t matter, because you will be able to focus on your kids and not be stressed out about finances. I think this will help a lot. It’s awesome you will your retirement covered in less than a year. How did you accomplish that?

      • Several years living well below our means, while still splurging on trips, maxing out the 401ks, and enjoying the gains in the stock market.

  • Having kids does make things so much harder. Actually, having kids in a two-income household is almost impossible. Our lives were miserable when we both worked out of the home and had two kids!

    We were a DINK couple for four years before we had our first child. That was a really fun time for us because we could enjoy each other without any other real responsibilities.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…Joint Birthday Parties: Our Frugal Birthday Party StrategyMy Profile

  • We are a DINK couple, although our siberian husky comes close to having a kid. It is nice to be able to get in a car at any moment and go somewhere. It also doesn’t hurt to have less expenses, do it while we can is the motto.

  • I love being a DINK couple.
    I agree, I don’t know how people with kids do it!
    I’m not ready for that kind of lifestyle.
    I always say I’m too selfish to have kids.
    They need so much of one’s time, and I’m not ready to give it up just yet lol.

  • Yeah there are benefits to being a DInk. But the cool thing is once you become a parent, all that stuff takes a back seat, to the love you have for the kids. The responsibilities you thought you had get doubled, and you grow as a person in my opinion. Kids are not for everyone, and it is something people should think over before rushing to have them while not being ready.

  • I love being a parent and I appreciate my kids so much. However, having kids is not for everybody. It’s good that you recognize what you value now. Daycare is a huge expense for us but I figure we work hard and spending money on our kids is the best money spent for us.
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  • I’m part of a DINK couple and we’ve really been enjoying it. We do want children though so we know that will come to an end eventually, but I’m super happy being one now. I love how we can go anywhere, any time, and take adventures without really being tied down.
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