23 Years Old and Counting

Next month I will be turning 24. I’ll be one year closer to 30. The older I get, the more I learn I don’t know everything. I have knowledge in certain pockets of life, but still have so much to learn. This is what I’ve learned so far…Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 7.35.34 PM

–          Don’t be afraid to question – Growing up, I would always get in trouble because I never did anything the way my mom asked me to. She always told me to ask her before I did something to make sure I did right. You think this would translate to me being able to follow rules, but actually it turned me into a questionnaire. It sort of backfired on my mom. I question a lot of things including society rules, authority, matrix organizations, religion, politics, etc. I believe my inquisitive mind is one of my best advantages.

–          Independence – I have always been rather independent. While it might upset my parents, saying I didn’t raise myself. I quite know I didn’t raise myself, but I, also, know I do a lot of things without needing guidance. I figure it out. I don’t need a set of instructions to get from Point A to Point B. Actually I’m terrible with directions, as I don’t really follow them step by step. I do get lost often, and sometimes end up in places where I wouldn’t have ended up at if I had just followed the instructions, but I’m not afraid. I can stand by myself if I have to. If I truly believe in what I’m doing, I’m fierce, and stand by it. Even if I’m alone in the wind. As long as I’m appropriately dressed! I have never wanted to depend on my parents. I have tried not to ask for money. I managed my own budget since I left for college, and I never needed my parents to rescue me. I have been extremely responsible and own a house already with my hubby. I, also, own a mortgage! Haha!

–          Open Mind – Even though I can be rather stubborn on some of my beliefs and attitudes, I do believe I have an open mind. I’m very accepting of other cultures and super curious about how other cultures interact. I’m always asking my foreign coworkers, friends, acquaintances about their country, culture, and how they are adapting to a new country. I have a very heterogeneous base of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances.

–          Reading – I love, love, love reading. I was a complete bookworm as a kid. If I wasn’t babysitting during the summer, I was reading books. I don’t read as many books now due to time constraints, but I still try to sneak some reading time. This has helped me greatly in life. I keep up with current events easily; I’m able to talk about public affairs, international policy, science fiction, latest trends. Did I also mention I love subtitles? Reading expands your knowledge base.

–          Love Thyself – I’m learning to love myself, faults and all. I’m always trying to improve and turn my faults into strengths, but I’m also learning to accept myself. This has helped my confidence and self-esteem.

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