Keeping Things Simple with Your Finances

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Life can be pretty complicated at times. It can take all your powers and concentration just to be able to think straight especially when it comes to money. You may have just had a baby or experienced a layoff. You may have taken a new job position or experienced something else that requires a lot of your attention. You may have had a million different things that can affect your focus on your finances. With all that life throws at you, why take the risk of complicating your finances?

Many people believe in simplicity but their finances are quite a different story. Many people still pay their bills by mail using postage stamps. With the price of stamps increasing every year, it just makes more financial sense to use the free auto pay that’s available on many bank accounts. Many people wonder if this is a safe option but the truth is that it is often more secure than paying through the mail. You can even program when you want the money to leave your account in advance which makes things extra helpful.

Finding ways to keeping things simple does not always have to be reserved for your bank finances. Having a set budget can help reduce overall anxiety on what you are spending every month. Having an excel spreadsheet that you can easily turn to is a great way to keep things easy. Keeping columns for your housing, food, entertainment, and transportation costs makes it clear on what money can be allocated every month. There a variety of software on the market that can make budgeting even easier especially for those with a bit of computer savvy. This may not sound like the easiest thing to do but it will save you so much hassle down the road. This is exactly what is meant by keeping it simple with your finances.

Need another reason to simplify your finances? How about the simple fact that it cuts down on stress which can lead to lower medical bills in the future. It is no secret that lower levels of stress can have a positive effect on not only your attitude but your life as well. Playing it simple may even encourage you to make better financial decisions as it will leave time for other things. You could research the best interest rates for saving accounts in your area for example. You could finally have time to clip coupons and save even more money. Having more time is just one of the huge benefits of simplifying your time and efforts.

There is always going to be things in life that will be beyond our control. There will always be things that are difficult but your finances do not have to be one of those things. Placing a little effort in the right direction can save you so much hassle and trouble down the road. Sometimes the most important thing is just to make your mind up today and decide not to let difficulty rule your pocket book. Remember that your bottom line does not have to be complicated. Keep it simple for goodness sake.


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