Mayhem Is Coming – Why Emergency Funds Are Useful

When it rains, it pours…









I feel like my life has sort of been a sitcom where everything breaks around me.












First, my husband got a traffic citation for changing lanes when there was a solid line. In his defense, the lane he was on, turned into a right turn only lane without any warning. He turned on his blinker to get over, which the car behind him let him do, and then a cop stopped him because apparently that’s illegal.

Then, the snowacopolypse in Dallas came. On my way to work I slid into a curb. Damage, none. Although we have to get my tires realigned just in case.












One week ago, I got a traffic citation because I started to turn left on a green yield sign when I should not have. I stopped as soon as I realized my subconscious had interpreted it as a left arrow. It was really dark and foggy, and apparently the car in front of me was a cop who then gave me first traffic citation ever. Then, on Wednesday morning I hit the accelerator too hard when I was coming out of the garage and took out my right side mirror. This stuff doesn’t happen to normal people right?












So, our budget has been hit my traffic citations, replacing passenger mirrors on car, and some other small things that broke at the house. This month it was hard to protect our income from unexpected expenses.

It got me thinking. I’m grateful we have an emergency fund, car insurance, and house insurance. But what if we didn’t?

It would really suck. I do carry disability and life insurance through work, and we could survive on one paycheck, but many people don’t have these benefits and it could be devastating for them.

Which is why it’s important to establish an EMERGENCY FUND.

Now why doesn’t it rain money instead? That would be a lot more fun.


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