My Financial Journey over at BadCredit.Org

I had the opportunity to be interviewed by BadCredit.Org regarding my financial journey.

1. What inspired you to start writing at Savvy Financial Latina?

Savvy Financial Latina started when I was in graduate school. I needed an outlet outside of academia and the blog was born.

I wanted to share my ideas on finance and career. I also wanted to interact with the personal finance community to learn even more.

2. Did you have a background in finance or business?

I did have a background in finance. My undergraduate degree had a focus on finance.

My master’s happened to be in supply chain management, but school doesn’t teach you the basics of personal finance.

3. What sparked your interest in the financial field?

When I was in high school, I worked for a nonprofit. I was the assistant to the executive director and founder.

He taught be about finance. He helped me open a checking and savings account, bought me Quicken and helped me start investing in mutual funds.

In college, I decided I wanted to go in a business direction. I remember talking about Warren Buffett with a friend. We both wanted to be him and learn how he was so successful.

For more, click on this link: A Financial Journey:Savvy Financial Latina


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