The Benefits and Downsides of Working for a Large Corporation

I have written a couple of articles expressing my general feeling towards to the corporation workplace. Sometimes I seem pretty negative; mostly because I’m trying to deal with all the inefficiencies I find. Honestly, I have grown up a lot. I remember my first couple of jobs I was always so frustrated with how slow we were. Now that I think about, the stuff I worried about or complained about then, holds no light to what I have faced in a corporation.

There are a lot of benefits in starting out your career in a large corporation, though including:

  • Higher salary- You may receive a higher salary starting out. This is what initially drew me to the company
  • Better benefits – Medical and retirement benefits are an important part of your compensation package. Always remember to consider these benefits when negotiation your compensation. A large corporation usually has above average medical benefits because they are able to negotiate with the medical insurance companies based on their larger volume and risk spread.
  • Resume booster – Most companies like seeing a big name company on your resume. Think about it? If it’s a large corporation, most people will know about it.

There are some downsides, which I have already discussed before including:

  • Office politics – It’s worse than The Office. Much, much worse. Well, at least in my company. You learn to be strategic and pensive on your moves. It’s like a chess match!
  • Lack of ownership – You’re so low in the totem pole; your contribution may seem insignificant.
  • Silos – so many silos. Groups don’t talk to each other. Groups compete with each other.
  • Far away from the money – We have so many divisions, so many operations, engineering groups. You name it, we have it. So how do you really know if you company is making money?

It’s been about 18 months since I started out working for a large corporation. I have learned so much. I really want to be passionate about my job, but sometimes I wonder if I should just stay quiet and collect my paycheck. Except I can’t! I’m an ideologist, and just can’t succumb to the status quo.

You really start picking up different ways to be successful. And I will be writing about these ways in a follow up article.

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What has been your experience working for your company? Have you had different experiences with small, mid, or large corporations? Please share!

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  • Fit is the New Poor

    I like working for a nonprofit vs. a large business because I get to put a TON on my resume. I’m not just answering phone calls or doing data entry. I’m doing A, B, C, D and I dabbled in E nd F when my coworker was on maternity leave! HA!

  • I agree with Fit is the New Poor. Working for non-profits (or smaller companies in general) gives you the opportunity to do so much more tasks that can get you an even better job. The pay is lower, for sure, but I can now say I’ve done x, y, and z because when you work for an organization that can’t pay for all the necessary staffing, current staff get experience doing all the tasks. I’ve become a jack-of-all-trades of sorts in my non-profit development field because i’ve had to take on tasks of multiple people.

  • Silos, tribes, politics, lack of ownership…. yes to all that, in large corporations. How the corporation is structured and what type of values its culture is built on, are key factors in making the company a desirable place to work. Good people, by and large, both attract and seek out other good people.

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