A Millenial’s Perspective: When Work Takes Over

I have been radio silent over the past couple of weeks. In short, between the house purchase, an increase in my workload, and traveling over the weekend, I’m pretty much burned out. Usually I use the weekends to recover and catch up on posts but I have been going out of town the past couple of weekends. Thankfully, I’m staying put this weekend, and I’ll be able to catch some sleep and write a couple of more posts. On another side thought, I wish I could write without having to be in front of a computer. For example, if there was an automatic transcript of what went on in my head, I would be thrilled. When work takes over my life, it leaves no energy left for life or blog. Everything I think is about work. Here are some things I’ve noticed at work.

People Talk a Lot

I have always been a person who loves reading. I was the kid hiding from my little brother in the closet so I could read my books. He always wanted to play, makes sense he was little, and I always wanted to read. I prefer subtitles when watching TV or a movie. I read everything and anything. Part of my job involves a lot of meetings. I work for a corporation and my job requires me to interact with a lot of groups. I was just in a meeting with my boss, and I realized how much he talked. I could have easily said what he said in 3 paragraphs instead of his ten minute monologue. I felt like I was in one of those movies where the person who’s talking sounds like they are going 10 words per minute. Not being mean here! But whatever happened to being concise. I know I work really hard on being concise. But maybe I should be wordier. Is that what gets you to climb the corporate ladder because I see there’s a correlation between how high you’re up in the ladder and how wordy you are. Now don’t get me wrong here. I have known some executives that are extremely great public speakers. They understand that every word is important. Sometimes it feels like people are wordy to make up for their lack of knowledge in a business setting. Remember, I am only talking about wordiness in a business setting.

What do you think?

I’m getting territorial over my projects. My projects have been getting bigger and bigger. It’s a growth area in our company, and all of a sudden everybody in my group is interested in what I’m doing. While I don’t mind sharing information, now I have everybody giving input and trying to drive my projects. I wish it helped with my workload, but it really doesn’t, it actually gives me more work. Makes me wish my projects were smaller so I could be more under the radar.  At the end of the day, I own the responsibilities, so if something goes wrong, my phone rings. This may seem as if I don’t like sharing, but really I just don’t need more voices telling me what to do. There’s plenty, believe me. Not to mention, they talk about my project with my boss without me! How annoying is this? Pretty annoying! I know I may be looking at this in a bad way. Take in mind, I have been fighting a lot of political fires, so I’m more frustrated than usual.

Losing creativity

Sometimes I am so tired by the end of the day; I just want to stare at the TV screen. It’s been like this the past two weeks, and it sucks. I don’t even have enough energy to talk to my husband. The end of year is pretty crazy because so many teams want to close out projects. I can’t wait for vacation!!!

So I think until I get some vacation time, I’m probably going to remain frustrated and grumpy. I really try to be a positive person, smile at everyone. But I’m a little burned out this year. I just have to remember it’s a phase, and I used to think the same way about graduate and undergraduate school.

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  • Jen @ Frugal Rules

    I remember the time when I was still employed, doing a regular 8-hour office job that was more like 16 hours and had very little time for my self, much less for my family. I got sick and tired of feeling so burned out until freelancing came along. It didn’t pay as good as the previous job but I am happier because I get to spend more time with the kids while earning enough to get us by. I realized I hated the burned-out feeling. Having said that, I hope you are able to get a break from all that tires you because you deserve a breather.

  • Fit is the New Poor

    I am so burnt out as well. I think an issue with millennials is that we are less likely to take vacation, personal, or sick time- even if it’s given to us. We’re also so focused on climbing that we forget to just sit still for awhile. I actually just wrote a post about my crappy job situation too, so I feel you. Stay strong!

  • I felt the same way at my old job. I would come home completely drained and kind of just wanted to shut down. I felt horrible because it was affecting my relationship. I hope you get through this until the vacation – just count the days down! I did notice at my last job that my bosses all seemed to love to hear themselves talk! Our meetings would last so much longer because they couldn’t stop, and they would repeat themselves so many times. It was really frustrating.

  • That is one reason I dispise meetings is because how much people can drone on. I’m not sure if some people just like to hear their own voice or if they feel talking during the meeting justifies their job but it’ll just go on. I’d much rather be at my office getting legit work done than sitting and listening to people ramble.

  • I have been exhausted before as well. Try to eat well and exercise AND maintain your social life.. managing these aspects of your life will help you manage the work stress. Hang in there!

  • Honestly, you sound like you’re a lot like me. I don’t really enjoy working with others or collaborating. I mean, I like working at the same place as other people, just not in groups. I like doing my own work.

    • I enjoy talking to people for social interaction, but you’re right, sometimes I would prefer to work on my own. I hate when people butt into my projects. I also think large groups accomplish nothing. Perfect group size is 3 to 4. Unfortunately, due to the environment at work, most groups are ten plus people. Too easy to be a social loafer.

  • I have had those days where all I want to do is “potato”… lie on the couch, watch the idiot box, and drink a glass of wine. Lately, my motivation has been a little bit higher, but work has also been less stressful after having two months of non-stop crazy. I hear you… eventually it will pass!

  • Sounds like you just need to take some time out for yourself and recharge. I think we all go through times like these. BTW I also hate it when people go on and on an on talking when they should just get to the point. I’m an editor so I mentally start editing their talking. :)

  • We all burn out from time to time, I think it’s healthy even to fully exhaust yourself in a project and work you enjoy from time to time, of course, crash, and recharge, just not when it’s all the time! I just try to constantly reorganize my thoughts, stay active physically and eating healthy (keeps me from feeling 100% mentally drained!), and I definitely make sure to keep to a work schedule and keep off-time separate, even if it means work time goes beyond normal work hours for a few weeks. I never do a few hours of work, few hours off at night, I just have ‘set overtime’. Helps a ton!

  • You are experiencing some burnout. Make sure to set boundaries and get away from the office during lunch. Go exercise, go for a walk, just GO! I only enjoy working with others when they can handle it, retain the information, and get things done. Remember to take your vacation time.

    I am talkative at work (actually all of us are) but I am usually done with what I need to do before I start talking. This is tricky though because you never know if the other person is done with what they need to do. My colleagues and I have know each other for YEARS so it’s like working with your cousins!

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