House Offer Accepted

I’m so excited to announce we made an offer on a house and it was accepted. The house is 3 doors down the house we lost on this past August.

It’s been a rocky house purchasing process. We started looking for a house over the summer. The market in Dallas was/still is going crazy. For the first time in the DFW history, there was more demand from buyers and less supply from sellers.

All hope seemed lost. We kept looking at houses and more houses. Every single one, I would walk in and after walking through the house, I would say no. At one point last week my husband asked me quite frankly, what don’t you like about these houses??? Out of both of us, I am the pickier one in the relationship. Not that being picky is bad. If I consider every aspect when I buy a minimum $500 purchase, then I’m going to be even more considerate when looking at a $150,000 purchase. It’s a big commitment, and I wanted to make sure we found a good house.

I went to see a house with our realtor on Thursday thinking I wasn’t going to like it. My husband couldn’t go. I fell in love with it. It was quaint, cute, small but not too small. The kitchen had been upgraded, and I felt like it didn’t major fix ups. The layout was also great. We decided to make an offer that night, so it could be accepted the Friday morning before the weekend crowd.

The house’s listing price had recently been dropped by $5,000. Actually, the reason I decided to go see it on Thursday was because I saw the price dropped. We made an offer $10,000 below the new listing price. The seller came back and offered $4,000 above our offer ($6,000 below listing price). After some talking with the realtor, we decided to accept the counter offer. We already scheduled the home inspection for Monday afternoon. We’re, also, going to hire a plumber to do an inspection since the house recently had foundation repairs (36 piers). From our research, foundation repairs can lead to shifts in plumbing.

Hopefully, the inspection goes well. I’m hoping we can negotiate another $1,000 to $2,000 off the listing price based on what the inspector reports. That’s our plan at least!

For the mortgage, I called Quicken Home Loans today and got an estimate on our mortgage rates and closing costs. We are going to compare Monday morning with two other loaners(our bank and another company my parents-in-law just used).

The items I like about the house include:

  • Master bedroom and 2 guest rooms are in different sections of the house.
  • Kitchen is renovated. So much counter space and cabinet space.
  • Big living room!
  • 2 walk-in closets in master bedroom.
  • Carpet is only in the master bedroom and one guest room. The rest of the house is either nice tile in kitchen & bathroom, or laminate wood floors (which I can live with).
  • Location! Great working class neighborhood. Quiet street. Mature landscape.
  • Next to a huge park. It’s next to a huge park with running trails, a small lake, pavilions, basketball & volleyball court.
  • 5 minutes away from a neighborhood Wal-Mart
  • My husband’s commute will be shortened. Probably going to be around 15 minutes from 45 minutes.
  • My commute is going to increase from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, but I will only be taking 1 street to work. No highways or toll roads!

Here are some pictures of the inside.









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