LEAN IN: Negotiate Like A Woman

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Negotiation is so important. Especially for young women starting out. I didn’t negotiate for my salary when I first started out. When I saw the number, it seemed so awesome compared to what I was earning, and I took it. Looking back I know I could have asked for 7-10% more. Why didn’t I negotiate? I thought asking for more would be too greedy. I wanted to prove myself.

Let me tell you something. I am smart and hard working. Not bragging here. Just a statement. It’s hard to negotiate after you have landed a job. What’s the incentive? You already have a job, and you’re already working for that much, so why pay you more? It’s harder to negotiate after, so negotiate before you start at your company. Simple, when they give you a base number, ask for money. Just do it.

Don’t be like me. I was scared to ask for more money. Hell, I’m even wondering how I’m going to ask for my promotion. Sigh…I’m going to have to figure out my way around this because I need to ask for one in the first quarter of 2014.

If you haven’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s, take a look or a hear to Cristen and Caroline talk about why women don’t negotiate.

  1. Figure out what you’re interested in and what your skills are. 
  2. Understand your uniqueness and respect your value. I didn’t respect my value when I first started out. I thought of myself as young. I shouldn’t have thought about things this way. After working at my company for a year, I realize I learn things much more quickly than most people. Wait a minute! I already knew that! So why did I forget this at the time of negotiation?
  3. Package yourself.
  4. Reach for a high number, then work together to get to the right number.

Cristen and Caroline mention an awesome idea: handing Lean In to every senior female in college.

Great point: Hiring managers offer you the bottom of the barrel salary. There’s room to negotiate. But we have to ask for it. Maybe add $20,000 to the base salary they tell you?

Negotiation is so important.

Did this open your eyes?

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