• What great advice for kids just starting out! My twins are in college and I’m sending them this advice. “Congress has its own interests, and it’s not for the little people like me.” – favorite line. Ha!

  • Great article!! Gosh I think this advice really applies to anyone! You’re right in that it’s a very active process, and that will never change, so you might as well learn to enjoy it!

  • I particularly working on developing some side income. That’s what really makes you resilient when times get tough.

  • The title of your post is so true! Especially when it comes to food. I price match ,use coupons, buy generic, buy discounted produce and meat from time to time but it still adds up.
    It makes me sad and also nervous for the people who don’t manage their money so actively. I obsess over my finances quite a bit. Maybe too much. Haha.

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