The House Shopping Saga Continues

So, as you know we have been house hunting. I understand why people tell you to start shopping early. Our original plan was to start house shopping in the fall. Fall’s here! But we decided to start a little early. Interest rates and house prices were rising, so we decided maybe we should find a house.

I think we have seen 20 houses, and so far nada. Well, not nada, we found a house we loved, and were disappointed when we didn’t get it, so we took a 2-3 weeks break. In that 2 break, a similar house sold in the same neighborhood. Aww…shucks. Well, here’s to learning, right?

We have learned so much through this process. Well, I speak for myself, since this is my blog.

As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know what we wanted. But the more houses we look at, the more houses we did not like.

Layout is so important. We have seen houses with 2,000 square feet, but figured out 500 square feet was just wasted. Terrible layouts. But the house prices are influenced majorly by the location and square footage. So a 1600 square foot home will go for $150,000 but a 2000 square foot home will be$20-$30,000 more, even if it’s 400 square feet of wasted space.

Is a realtor really worth it? My husband and I pretty good negotiators compared to most people. So, I wonder if a realtor is doing nothing more than showing us houses? Just a thought. Redfin is great at listing MLS. So if you start house shopping, sign up for Redfin! It’s great, shows you trends, and the houses.

It’s hard to compare one house to another. They are not straight comparisons.

We want to live next to this huge park in our city. It’s a halfway point between our jobs, easy access to highways, and in a mature neighborhood. The trees are amazing! The park is also beautiful.

So, here’s to hoping we find our house before our lease is up at the end of December!

You would not find a house in Texas like the one before, but I thought it was an adorable house!

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 10.29.38 PM

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  • The layout of a home makes a huge difference! Our starter home was 1200 s.f. but there were no hallways so it seemed huge.

  • That is an adorable house. It seems that house hunting is a very time consuming and stressful process, but one with great rewards when the whole thing is done! Good luck and I hope you find everything you’re looking for!

  • It is tough shopping for a house with strict qualifications and limitations. There comes a point where you sometimes have to actually spend more than you thought to get what you desire. Unless you get lucky 😛

  • That’s a great looking house with some curb appeal. We looked for over a year before landing on our first home. It can be a tough process but I’m of the opinion that the longer you look & the more houses you see, the better idea you get of the home you really want & what represents a good value. Best of luck! Texas seems like a procurement professional’s dream as it relates to real estate, too: good buys abound.

  • After my step mom sold her house in Coppell, she really wants to find a small house near where her parents live, not far from Ursuline Academy. It’s crazy pricey in that neighborhood now so my dad is just saving up his extra income to increase the down payment for when the time comes. The magic house will happen. It’s so much better to not be impatient with house hunting if you have some time on your side.

  • Good luck with your house hunting! It’s tough. It took forever to find our first house. Mrs. RB40 was really picky back then.

  • I think that the house hunting is the most fun part actually. I LOVE looking at houses!

    I find a real estate agent helpful if you don’t already know the area. In cases where know we know the area, we call up the selling agent directly. Here is why:

    In a transaction, the selling and listing agent split the commission. So, if the commission is 6%, they each get 3%. Now, if you don’t have an agent, the selling agent gets the entire 6%. The selling agent is going to be much more excited to take your offer.

    I’ve seen it firsthand. My wife and I were looking at a house last year and we had a buyer’s agent. One of the homes we wanted to make an offer on already had an offer on it from another person. That agent very rudely discouraged our agent from making an offer because he had one where there was no buyer’s agent. He came right out and said it!

    This is really sleazy behavior on the part of the agent and probably illegal (you’re supposed to be doing the right thing for your client, not you), but I’ll bet it happens all the time.

    • Dang! That’s crazy. My husband and I have talked about him getting his real estate license after this house. The process doesn’t seem hard, and it will come useful if we embark on the rental property business.

      • Ha, my wife is getting hers now ($750 for an online class and you’re good to go). I’m sure you’ve noticed that MMM’s wife also has one.

        It is a VERY good idea, especially if you plan on buying more properties. Remember that if you have your license, you’ll get the buyer’s commission. It’s like an instant rebate on the purchase.

  • Good luck with house hunting…we’re also looking for a place. Can’t afford a house in NYC but we’re looking at 2 bedroom co-ops. (About 1000 square feet) Texas house prices are so much more reasonable! I love Redfin and I use them to look for prospective places, they also refund a portion of the commission (in some situations).

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