What I Want Out of Life at 23

I’m 23 years old, and some months. I don’t think 23 is what I thought it was going to be when I was younger.

When I was really young I thought I was going to be:

1. A CIA Spy – Seriously I fantasized about being a CIA spy when I was young. This is around the time ALIAS came out on ABC and I became obsessed with the show. I wanted to dominate various languages and kick some ass.

2. Traveling the world – well as a spy, I would travel the world, but in this scenario I would be a famous National Geographic photographer, or a world news journalist. The point is I would be traveling the world. Seeking out adventure!

3. Aspiring writer – Well, technically, I am an aspiring writer since I blog on the side for a hobby, but I really wanted to be the next New York Times Seller. One day I will write my book!

My ideas of what I want out of life has changed. I know I don’t want to be stuck in my job forever. Financial independence is on my mind.

So what’s the plan. I’m not sure yet, but my husband and I are slowly crafting it.

We know we don’t want to be consumerists. Yes, we will need things, but we don’t need more than we need. We don’t need a super huge house. Just a house with a nice layout.

So here’s the plan for the next two years, which will take me to age 25:

  1. Help my family prosper. Focus on my family and friends. Love and friendship is first.
  2. Buy a nice, affordable homeĀ 
  3. Max out retirement accounts including 401K and ROTH IRAs
  4. Travel – We want to focus more on traveling and experiences.
  5. Save up money for investments
  6. Work on maintaining a minimalist lifestyle every day of the month
  7. Get promoted at work
  8. Increase side income

I’m just trying not to feel so lost as a 23 year old. This is an interesting period in life when you realized everything you thought in college is not really true. At least for me. I feel like every day I realize what life is really about.

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