The Pledge Not to Buy More Stuff

Here I am at 6:53 am on Sunday morning wide awake. I can’t sleep. I tossed and turned all night thinking, psychoanalyzing all my movements for the past 4 months. I’m stressed. Live and learn I tell myself, but still I have to figure out what to do.

For the past 4 months, I have noticed a slight difference in my behavior. At first, it was very minute, but I believe it has grown larger than ever. I call it the want to accumulate things.

I’ve always prided myself in not needing much. Sure I wanted more, but guess what? I could wait. I called it delayed gratification.

Well here it is. I’m not sure if it’s the yolo# phrase, or I just feel too comfortable in my skin, but I have been letting myself get away with thinking of everything I want to buy for our future home.

Honestly, it hasn’t been that bad. We bought a Tempurpedic mattress in August, which was expensive, but we needed to buy a new, bigger mattress anyways. We had been saving up the money to buy one for a long time. But this..

I love going garage sale shopping. I get a high of it. Finding great deals, and being able to say I spent less than I would have anywhere else. Most of the purchases are small. For example, a dress, or a movie. No biggie. But people sell furniture at garage sales. This past Saturday when I went with my mom and dad, I got a little too excited.

I ended up buying furniture. Seriously…We have nowhere to put it in our teeny beeny apartment. And my parents have a tiny house as well. So here I am, several hundred bucks later with a really long TV stand and another hardwood stand, plus two sofa seats and an ottoman.

Sigh….the worst part is my parents live 3 hours away from me. So now, my dad’s going to drive with me to drop off the furniture since he has a truck. Should have thought about the logistics! The logistics alone would have eliminated the possibility of buying anything.

The stands turned out to be bigger than I thought they were. Optical illusion! The furniture was in a big house, so it looked average size, but now looking at it in a better perspective, the furniture is so huge. So not the style I like. I don’t like big, gaudy furniture. So now what?

I’m probably going to put up the hardwood furniture on Craigslist. I’m going to break even. Well, one of them for the time being since my dad’s truck only fits the seats and one furniture piece.

Have I gotten too comfortable? Probably. It’s been a year since I started working, and so I feel like I have more cash to burn. We have a nice savings cushion in the bank, so it does make me feel comfortable. But it’s gotta stop. I have to remind myself we have a lot of goals in life. I need to concentrate on those goals instead of looking magazines with fancy home decorations or fashion shows! My wardrobe is plenty big! We, also, don’t need more things.

I have to tell you I’m disappointed in myself. One of the reasons, I can’t seem to sleep. Have I been affected my American consumerism? It’s scary. I live in an extremely wealthy area. Not that we are wealthy because we are not. We live in an apartment 5 minutes away from my company. Convenience led to this location. So many people drive really nice cars. You look at the parking garage in my apartment complex and you’ll see Mercedes, Audis, etc. People live in McMansions. Maybe I was getting caught up in wanting the same things?

But these aren’t our goals. My husband and I have talked about financial independence, and how we don’t want to get caught up working for the man. But I feel myself wanting things that will put me in the never ending cycle of working for the man.

Now to deal with this stuff that doesn’t fit in my parents’ house, which means I’m going to have to transport it, only to try and figure out a way to sell it on craigslist. Not even worth the trouble. How did I get here? I’m not sure, but I’m here. Worst buyer’s remorse ever. What did I do to myself? This stress is unnecessary! Arghh….

Here’s my pledge, too. I’m not going to buy more stuff. I’m not going to buy more material objects. I need to focus on experiences.


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  • I think that happens to everyone every once in awhile. You just sort of have this weak moments. I’ve been on vacation so I don’t know if I missed something though. Did you find a house?

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself! Everyone splurges once in a while.

  • I love the pledge! Still, I think it’s inevitable that we’ll acquire things, despite our best efforts. The way you’re dealing with this last purchase (by trying to sell the newly unwanted items on Craigslist) is an optimal strategy. When too much stuff enters our homes, it’s great to make what we can while we purge ourselves of the surplus.

  • We’re only human, and we make mistakes – that’s alright! What’s important from here on out is recognizing what caused you to spend all that money and trying your best to avoid putting yourself into similar situations in the future.

  • Sometimes, the need to come away with a physical purchase just takes over! I’ve been there, buying stuff that I don’t need and perhaps don’t really want. It’s also easy to be influenced by your surroundings. The point is that you’ve recognised that this doesn’t necessarily make you happy so it’s now a case of finding out what will make you happy and mean that you can work towards your financial goals.

  • Let me know when you have pictures so I can share and/or take for ourselves lol I love ottomans… 😛

  • I love the idea of focusing on experiences instead of items. Are you going to be saving for any specific trips?

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. My husband and I are doing the exact same thing and we currently live in a shoe box too! I really admire that you are working toward your goals. Hang in there. I know it’s not always easy!

  • I wish was half as thoughtful as you are when I was 23! Living in Dallas, everyone seems to drive nice cars, have nice things but I just have to tell myself when I get jealous is – 1) I am happy for those that have the means to buy things like that, 2) I’m so glad I don’t have the noose around my neck like those that don’t really have the means.

    • You live in Dallas? Super cool! Yes, I live in North Dallas and everyone drives nice cars, wears nice clothes, and lives in super nice homes. Sometimes I get jealous, but I also try to tell myself, I wouldn’t want their debts!

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