How to Cruise the Right Way

We just got back from our first vacation this year. I have to admit I already want to go on another vacation. It was great being away from our “normal” life. I didn’t have access to the internet on the cruise ship because we were out at sea and internet on the ship is super expensive and slow!!!

So, I haven’t broken down how much our trip costs in total, although there were some circumstances that increased the cost by $500.

We went on a five day Western Caribbean on Carnival. Service was great! The experience was phenomenal! Can’t wait to go on our next cruise.

We talked to a lot of people on the cruise. These people had at least been on their sixth cruise, so they knew how to cruise the right way.

Here a couple of lessons we learned from our first cruise:

  1. Fly or drive in the day before the cruise sails – So we woke up Saturday morning, realizing our Spirit flight had been delayed. It had been so delayed, we were going to miss our cruise. So we booked a redline flight on Southwest, which costs us $400 for two one way tickets. Ouch. Next time we are arriving the day before to make sure we are prepared for everything. 
  2. Spirit is cheap, but expect delays – We have flown with Spirit the past couple of times, but because it can be extremely low cost compared to other flights, expect things may not go as planned. We should have flown out the day before. If you fly Spirit, make sure the day you fly, you have no plans.
  3. Alcohol – Be prepared to burn some cash drinking alcohol. My husband bought a shot of tequila for $12. We overheard people had spent hundreds of dollars on alcohol. There’s ways around this. When we landed in Mexico, we bought a bottle of rum and poured it into our big tumbler. The bottle of Bacardi rum was the same cost of the shot of tequila.
  4. There’s so much food – Food everywhere. Try losing ten pounds before you go on a cruise because all you do is eat and lay down all day!
  5. Entertainment – It was really fun and relaxing to go on a cruise. We went to comedy shows at night, and even went to the club a couple of nights.
  6. Talk to people – We met some pretty cool people on the cruise. Don’t be afraid to talk to people.
  7. Look for deals – Everyone one we talked to was a deal hunter. It felt pretty good not being the only one :)
  8. Excursions are cheaper at the port – Excursions are more expensive through Carnival.




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