Time at My Corporate Job

I have been at my corporate job for 1 year and 2 months. I’m surprised how quickly and slowly time is going. Why quickly and slowly? Well, the work week drags, but the weekend goes way too quickly!

I have changed my mindset over the past year. I remember dreaming of work! Seriously, I wanted to graduate school, get an awesome job, excel at it, get promoted, make money, etc.

Dreams Before My Corporate Job

I remember having a conversation with an old close friend about two years. We talked about our dreams, and plans for life after we graduated college, and we realized we were at two polar ends. He wanted to go travel cross country and live off the land. He even considered being a park ranger. This is a software engineer! At the time I was baffled at his dream. I thought doesn’t he want a house? A car? How time changes! I now see where he was coming from at the time. For your information, he is still working a job like the rest of us, but knowing him, he’s saving up to go into the wilderness in a couple of years.

A Job Is an End to the Means

Now? It’s not really a dream. It’s more a means to an end. The end is affording living expenses. Unfortunately, life is not cheap. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple hundred years, even breathing costs money.

Yes, we do save money. But it’s definitely a conscious decision, or multiple decisions over time. No, we don’t need that. Yes, we need to save. Don’t spend money we don’t have.

How a Corporate Job Has Changed My Mindset

When I first started, I was super excited. I’m a very energetic person, and have always done a lot. My job is great, but I have realized a company is not loyal to employees. You can get laid off at any time, there’s only so much you can make if you are not an executive, and it’s easy to get caught up in the spending mindset. I have met so many people at my job that live paycheck to paycheck despite having a $100,000 plus job. It especially surprises me when I talk to people who are in their 50s and have barely any retirement savings despite having worked high paying professional jobs. But then I think it’s easy to spend the money one earns. If I look at the parking lot and garage at my company, people drive really nice and new cars. They go on nice, expensive vacations. They have nice, expensive houses. It all costs money. I’m not judging! But I can’t phantom myself paying for all those expenses. A coworker has a $1,500 monthly truck payment. $1,500 is half of our monthly expenses. It’s so easy to feel comfortable and safe at your nice, cushy job. I feel like that sometimes; which is why it’s important for us to pay cash for everything, well except for a house. We are going to get a mortgage.

I don’t want to be 50 and still stuck in a corporate job

I have realized I don’t want to be 50 and still stuck at my corporate job because I can’t afford to not have it. I really want us to live off 50% of our income and invest/save the rest. As our income increase, I want to increase our investment percentage and decrease the percentage we live off our savings.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

I still want to do well at my job, and eventually become an executive. One day.

Developing a side business

I still want to develop a side business that generates revenue. We haven’t planned it yet, but we may venture into real estate at some point in the next five years. Online revenue is still an undiscovered territory for me. I’m learning something new every day.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic in this post. I’m actually being extremely pragmatic and realistic. So, share your thoughts!

 How has your job changed your mindset?

 Never, ever, think outside the box

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