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I’m starting to enjoy my company more and more. Today I found out one of my favorite people in my team got the promotion she deserved. Beyond ecstatic for her! Plus one more for the female team, oh yeah!!!

My company organized a fundraiser for a charity. They decided to auction off the “old” TVs, they are no longer using. There were 40 TVs up for auction! TVs included Samsung 46, 40, and 32 inch TVs.

They also had smaller LED TVs, a bike, older laptops (software cleared), and some TVs that were slightly damaged.

I won’t lie to you, it got pretty heated!!! I ended up fighting with a lady for a TV, and lost it because she half scribbled her name at the end.

Lesson learned: make sure to have cash immediately on hand, to snag your TV. The five minutes it took me to go upstairs to grab my cash, the lady convinced one of the guys running the auction she got the last bid, even though it was a scribble, and the guy had highlighted my name.

If I had had the cash on hand, I would have immediately given them the cash and claimed my TV. Thankfully, I managed to bid on another TV, and had a coworker guarding it to increase that bid. I won the bidding on that one.

Another tip: bring a friend along, and divide and conquer.  Make sure to bring a friend who is not going to cannabalize your bids. Or if they are, make sure you are bidding on seperate things.

Got my momma a 40 inch Samsung TV!

Since we already have a flat screen TV, and right now we don’t need an extra one, we’re giving the TV to my mom. Hah I surprised her today and she’s ecstatic. She doesn’t have one.

Third tip: If you are bidding, make sure you stick till the end, otherwise you’ll never get the product. There were some people that just put initial bids at the beginning of the auction but never came back.

I definitely got a high from bidding! I really do love getting a great deal!

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo

English: Samsung Logo Suomi: Samsungin logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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