The Perfect Weekend

This past weekend was perfect. My husband and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. What does a perfect weekend consist of? Food. You will probably gain 10 pounds. Fun. You will definitely have fun. Sun. You will get sunburn.

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So, Saturday I woke up and got ready for my hair appointment. I managed to schedule my hair appointment on our date night, so my hair would be pretty! I, also, stopped by Nordstrom and got a complimentary makeover by Smashbox.  I bought their eye box because I needed new eye shadow and I really liked their eye shadow. Their foundation is so light. I have a whole bottle of MAC foundation that I don’t use because it’s too heavy on my skin and I break out. I don’t really use foundation on a daily basis because my skin breaks out and my dermatologist has recommended no foundation.

Then, I went home, and my husband surprised me (well, I knew) with French toast. It was so very delicious!!! I hadn’t had French Toast since last year on our 1 year anniversary.

We then headed to the movies. We watched Wolverine. It ended up being a pretty cool action movie. Don’t go for the plot. The action was so cool!

We, then, went to dinner at Saltgrass. Oh my god was the food delicious. My mouth waters at the thought of it. We ordered the Texas rattlers, which are jalapenos infused with pepper jack cheese and whole shrimp, fried in a delicious batter!!! Amazing!! I’m getting hungry writing about it. Can I go home now and eat it? The shiner bock dipped bread is so light and buttery. Want more. I ordered a ribeye. Can’t go wrong with fat, juicy meat!

We came home, and I passed out for an hour. I needed a nap to digest all the food. We spend the rest of the night watching Weeds.

Sunday morning we woke up to go to Hurricane Harbor. If you buy your tickets online, make sure to buy them 3 days in advance to get an additional $6 off. Use Discover and get 5% off your order.

We spent the entire day riding the lazy river, swimming in the wave pool, and hitting the rides.

We did everything without a hitch either. Usually, we forget something or get lost, but no, this weekend the stars were aligned, and everything went by perfectly!!!

I absolutely love my husband. Not to get mushy and all, but we make a great team

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