Developing an Informal Mentoring Relationship

One of my goals this year was to establish a mentoring relationship with someone with more experience. At the same time I need to maintain my relationships with other mentors. This is harder said than done. Maintaining and developing relationships takes work, but I think you can learn so much from them.

The reason I say informal is because mentors are there to help you grow, but when it’s informal it’s so much better. You can meet up every two months; grab a cup of coffee and talk. By sharing ideas and past experiences you can learn so much. I have had formal mentoring relationships, and they just didn’t work as well. They were stuffy and I lost connection with those mentors despite the fact they were awesome.

This week I grabbed a cup of coffee with an executive from a corporation close to mine; completely different industry and department.

It was a nice chat. And coffee is booked on our calendar every two months through 2014.

Check out Wall Street Journal’s article on mentoring. Daniel Lipmann writes mentors can help young professionals get ahead. “Seasoned employees can offer advice and facilitate involvement in high visible projects.”

Have you started a mentoring relationship?

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