How Do You Focus?

This post is mostly going to be about my lack of focus right now. So, if you want to learn how NOT to focus, please read on :)

I have so many ideas!!! This is not unusual for me, as I am person with a very active imagination. I dream, dream, and dream while I do my practical chores of the day.

My husband and I often share ideas of what we want. Well, actually it’s usually me blabbing and him listening. I share my aspirations and what I want to do. It’s great. He’s a very good listener, and doesn’t pressure me to do anything. While I’m fast and furious, he’s more relaxed. Takes things slower. But I can’t help if my brain operates 24/7!

My challenge right is now focus and implementation.Here is some insight into my very confused, scattered, and excited mind.


Start a legal business entity ( Now we are not quitting our day jobs). But I think it’s wise if we want to start exploring options for side ventures.

  • Need to file paperwork in Texas. Cost $300
  • This is a short term goal. I can easily get this paperwork finished this month.

Start a couple more websites:

  • Create a basic professional website for the “real” me. This will establish an online presence for my career. (“Real” means the non-anonymous SFL me).
  • Create a blog geared towards business strategy. I read so much about business strategy, company’s future, etc., the site would be a great forum to share my voice. Plus, it would give the “real” me an online presence.
  • Create a niche finance/life choices blog (more details to come).
  • Help my husband launch his blog geared towards sports ( I keep saying I want to help him, but haven’t done it)
  • SHORT TERM GOAL (By end of 2013)

Buy a house and go all HGTV on it

  • Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating on how HGTV I’m going to be around my house. But I would really like to add home remodeling to my skill set. My husband and I have definitely given thought to rental home business by slowly acquiring property and fixing it up. Like Mrs. and Mr. POP. 

Start a new Master’s degree

  •  So I have mentioned before I want to start a new Master’s degree. I would only do about 1 class every 4 months. I’m hoping it will improve my soft skill set, and help me advance in my career. But, I do worry. What if I don’t have enough time? I have to figure out my priorities. This is my 3rd master’s degree, and I’m really in no rush to finish it. LONG TERM GOAL (Next 4 years?)
  • Toastmaster’s competent leadership and communicator certifications. So I want to get these two certifications under my belt, but they are not super high in my priority list. I’m basically doing it for fun, and to improve my communication skills and confidence. LONG TERM GOAL (Next 1 year?)

Start Investing

  • I want to learn more about investing.
  • 1st order of business – read “The Intelligent Investor.” I bought last year, but haven’t really make it past Ch 1.

So, there it is. I’m putting myself out there. I know it’s sometimes hard for me to share my dreams because it makes them more real. Somehow sharing them with people other than my husband makes me feel accountable.

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  • W wants to start a website as well. I want to help him but it’s just so much work! haha

  • Those are a heck of a lot of goals – good luck and don’t burn out!

    I focus best when I have lists with different time horizons just like this! But it can also make rest times feel guilty since there’s always something to do.

    And thanks for the shout out! =)

  • I wish I had the answer for you but my mind is exactly like yours. And I have trouble figuring out which needs to be a priority over the other one! I keep thinking of starting another website as well since advertisers keep asking me if I have another one! I could double my income. I just can’t figure out exactly what I want it to be about!

    • Hah TL, at least I’m not alone!!! I’m still trying to monetize this site, so I think that’s why I hesitate on starting more sites. I want to make this site successful before I venture onto a new project. But a part of me tells me to go ahead and start. I have to remember to have patience!

  • Keep on blogging! The blog is your voice.
    Did you say your husband is a good listener? You’re a lucky girl because most men aren’t.
    See you at the top!!!

  • Wow. You have a ton of goals! I also agree that you should keep blogging…AND make sure not to spread yourself too thin!

  • My first step to focusing is creating a list just like this! You’re well on your way :) Next, I usually keep my list of goals somewhere visible – like on my refrigerator door or near my bathroom mirror. That way, I’ll be reminded of them daily. Good luck on all these goals!

  • I split my goals into small goals and force myself to do at least one small things a day. It works better than you would think.

  • Buy a house and go all HGTV on it

    Love this step! This is pretty much what were on now in the first week of our home ownership. I unpacked my circular saw and went to down on an ugly dog pen that was left in the backyard. Already had the utility company come out and mark off the underground lines as well to start planning my i ground fire pit and the massive amount of landscaping I’m going to be planning for! =)

    • Wow! Sounds like you have a lot planned. We’re excited about home ownership, although sometimes I get scared over all the work. It would be so much easier to stay renters.

      • After renting for a good majority of my life I am happy to be where I am at today. Renting has its perks but for me home ownership was well worth the trouble to make it here.

        Oh and as for the planned landscaping. 5 hours spent outside today doing just that! =)

  • Hahaha…I love the HGTV part! I keep saying that with regards to my new place–I can’t wait to get in there and start painting, etc. I’m also having a hard time focusing because I have tons of ideas, but I’m also allowing myself to slow down right now so I can process all the madness and make sure I’m making choices based on what I want to do and not by what I think (or anyone else thinks) I should be doing.

  • Focus means not getting distracted. Do what you want to do, prioritize your goals so that you focus one at time and don’t get distracted by another so every goal is as happy as you are as it will get your 100% attention and you will get the end result

  • Great goals, those are def on my list (the house, the building my “real” online presence w/ a legal blog, etc) but moreso long-term. I definitely think the prioritizing will make it so that you will be focused on several manageable goals at a time. I tend to either get overwhelmed or uninterested if I have too many things going on at once!

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