Never Burn Bridges

A reorganization in my department was announced today.

While no layoffs are in the works, – that’s what we have been told so far – here’s some quick observations/thoughts/opinions on my reorganization experience.

  • Don’t burn bridges. Let me repeat this…never burn bridges. It’s a smaller world than you think it is, and you never know who you will end up working for, with, along….think about any preposition you want to use here. 
  • Development is in your hands. If you want to develop your career, don’t wait for your manager to develop your career. Take your career by the horns, and steer it. Because if you leave it up to your manager it won’t happen. One of my coworkers has been relocated to a new team. It came as a shock to her. She wasn’t asked if she wanted to move to the new team. My manager simply “did what she wanted.” She has been wanting to develop her career, and asking to switch positions; handle a new commodity category. She didn’t want to move to the new team, but my manager already found a new replacement. Let’s just say she was not pleasantly surprised.
  • Our organization seems to be getting top heavier. In management’s words, they are adding “line managers” to manage work more effectively.


Do any of you have experiences with reorganizations? Any interesting stories to share?

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  • Oh yeah, I have LOTS of experience with this. Some good, some bad. Worst was getting moved under someone who wanted to get rid of me so he could convert the headcount into something else he wanted. I still hate that guy! Best advice is to never make any enemies, build a network across departments and do stellar work. The thing that saved me in my darkest times was having some good friends in HR who had my back. Everyone should have at least one friend in accounting, payroll and HR no matter where you work.

  • Ooh, no fun. But you’re right – don’t burn bridges!
    I remember when I went from a very vertical team 1 MD, 1 VP, and me (analyst) and we suddenly had 5 more MDs that the VP and I were supposed to support. What what?? It was crazy managing expectations for all of them until new support staff was hired.

  • The last full time job I had went through SO many reorgs. Luckily my immediate boss always stayed the same, but he had new bosses every single time there was a reorganization, some managers which had nothing to do with video. It frustrated him. Unfortunately I think that’s all too common these days and you’re very right with all your tips!

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