Happy Hour Musings

Every other Friday, there’s a happy hour at a nearby bar. I have managed not to go because I rather go workout straight after work on Friday. But last week, I convinced myself to go, in order, to network with my fellow peers. I forgo on the alcohol and order water. Especially since I was planning, and actually did go to Boot camp afterwards.

I am a people watcher, and love observing how people act in certain situations. I, also, observe how I act to try to improve myself. I can be a tad socially awkward when I am uncomfortable and/or don’t know people.

A couple of thoughts I had while I was there:

  • Everybody buys alcohol. It is after all happy hour! But I wonder, how much their tab adds up at the end of the night. I was there for a little over an hour, and everyone had about 3 -5 beers. Nobody looked like they were leaving anytime soon. When I actually left, people where like woah, you are leaving early!
  • People get friendlier, cockier, and/or quieter. Alcohol relaxes people and it brings down their inhibitions. Some people say it’s the alcohol. I think people use the alcohol as an excuse to act a tad different.
  • Funny business – One of the guys blurted out how he invests all the time, and how he’s been losing so much money a bond index fund, one of his buddies convinced him to invest in. My thoughts – Why buy bonds now? He’s only 32. If I were him, I would spend more time researching investments than drinking. Anyone???
  • Sunglasses should not be worn inside. One of the guys wore his sunglasses inside the bar. I made a comment to my friend, about the guy in front of us looking creepy with his sunglasses. She laughed and said he had recently bought them, so he didn’t want to scratch them up. Especially since they were super expensive. Umm??? Can’t you leave your sunglasses inside the car that’s inside the parking garage before entering the bar? Guys, sunglasses inside bars are creepy. No matter how expensive the sunglasses are.
  • Men outnumber women. There were only 4-6 girls compared to 15 guys there from work.
  • What’s the point of Co-Worker Happy Hour? Not yet sure on this one. Any thoughts???

Those are my observations/rants from Friday’s Happy Hour.




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  • Debt and the Girl

    Hahaha This was a happy little post. Sometimes its fun to socialize with the coworker if only for the embarrassing stories

    • The men are so funny! They make fun of single girls, but they are the ones who have a sign on them saying “I’m single, please talk to me.” I would feel sad but it’s rather amusing. Partly because they try to act suave.

  • Tie the Money Knot

    I know what you mean about how much some folks spend on drinks. I just can’t waste money like that. Dropping $20 or so in a few hours on beverages is a nice way to stay stuck in place financially.

    In terms of happy hour with coworkers, it can be good for networking and connecting with people. Who you know and who likes you can matter, whether right or wrong that’s often how it goes. That being said, it’s important to be careful and also no need to always feel obligated to go – just once in a while. As a parent, admittedly I don’t have that time any more:)

    • I’ll be going to happy hours to be seen. Unfortunately, part of progressing in my career will consist of this. I actually don’t mind going to happy hours, especially with the senior corporate people. I attend professional association happy hours and their more fun.

    • If $20 for a few hours of entertainment once a week is going to break the bank for you, then you have bigger financial problems. Give me a break dude. I don’t personally go to happy hour with coworkers because I don’t like mixing business with pleasure but I wouldn’t presume to know anyone’s financial background based on their decision to let loose on a Friday night.

  • One thought on this: if you get a reputation as a drinker, it will stay with you. One uninhibited moment, a joke that crosses the line, a fumbled attempt at a pass with a co-worker, and that will be the story people tell about you forever, when your name comes up. Loyalties change, and an unguarded comment about the boss or colleague might be repeated when a “friend” just turns out to be another self-interested colleague competing their way through the maze. Sounds like SFL handled it just right, being the first to leave is always a good thing.

  • That is what sunglass cases are for. Put your sunglasses in a case indoors.

  • Sometimes it’s cool to let loose with your co-workers and join them for happy hour…you also find out a lot of stuff about them as the alcohol flows and/or about other goings on at the workplace. :0 I commend you for being able to only have water and going to work out after. Even if I’ve only had water it’s hard to motivate after that!

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